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Best songs of the 80s and early 90s

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posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 04:17 PM
Some good came out of the 80s, like music. What is the greatest most memorable music of the 80s. I put early 90s becuase some artist from the 80s lasted a bit in the 90s.

My favorite songs of the 80s and early 90s:

Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Guns and Roses - O' Sweet Child of Mine
Van Halen - Jump
The Fixx - One Thing Leads To Another
The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
Talk Talk - It's My Life
Talking Heads - Psyco Killer
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication

Just to name a few, what do you think are the greatest and most popular tunes of the 80s and early 90s?

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 07:56 PM
The 80's had some of the greatest bands ever , but unfourtantly most didn't move into the 90's scene to well or just imploded due to ego porblems. Here are my picks....

The Cult - Fire Woman
Most songs by Duran Duran
Prince - Purple Rain sound track
GnR- Welcome to the Jungle
Motley Crue- Girls, Girls, Girls
Ozzy- Bark at the moon
Most songs by Pat Benatar
Robert Plant- Tall Cool One
Most Robert Palmer
Mike and the Mechanics - Silent Running

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 10:34 PM
(On Every Train) Grain Will Bear Grain - Crime & The City Solution

Eternally Yours - Laughing Clowns

Release The Bats - The Birthday Party

The Ship Song - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Throw Your Arms Around Me - Hunters & Collectors

Cattle & Cane - The Go Betweens

Derail - Shihad

Agitator - Skeptics

(and a curveball)

Candle Man - Tablewaiters

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 11:00 PM
I agree with the list they have here..
go to rock section and then click 100 greatest rock songs of the 90s.

and you get this.....

100 greatest rock songs of the 90s

1. Jesus Christ Pose - Soundgarden
2. Come As You Are - Nirvana
3. Paranoid Android - Radiohead
4. Aenema - Tool
5. Jeremy - Pearl Jam
6. Man In The Box - Alice In Chains
7. Losing My Religion - R.E.M.
8. Grace - Jeff Buckley
9. Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine
10. Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton
11. Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
12. Say Hello To Heaven - Temple of the Dog
13. One - U2
14. Under A Glass Moon - Dream Theater
15. November Rain - Guns N' Roses
16. Stash - Phish
17. Floods - Pantera
18. Epic - Faith No More
19. Cherub Rock - Smashing Pumpkins
20. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
21. Creep - Radiohead
22. Black - Pearl Jam
23. Know Your Enemy - Rage Against The Machine
feat. Maynard James Keenan
24. Stinkfist - Tool
25. Nutshell - Alice In Chains
26. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver - Primus
27. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
28. Enter Sandman - Metallica
29. Cemetary Gates - Pantera
30. Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots
31. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
32. Hunger Strike - Temple of the Dog
33. What I Got - Sublime
34. Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers
35. Loser - Beck
36. Glycerine - Bush
37. Kool Thing - Sonic Youth
38. Runaway Train - Soul Asylum
39. Wonderwall - Oasis
40. Lightning Crashes - Live
41. Blue On Black - Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
42. Shoots And Ladders - Korn
43. Been Caught Stealing - Jane's Addiction
44. Stellar - Incubus
45. Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) - Deftones
46. Tomorrow - Silverchair
47. Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry
48. No Rain - Blind Melon
49. A Change Of Seasons - Dream Theater
50. Round Here - Counting Crows

posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 01:11 PM

Originally posted by GoldEagle
Talk Talk - It's My Life

Dude, I was going to say that one. Good call!

How 'bout:

Jessie's Girl--Rick Springfield
Cars--Gary Newman
Rockit--Herbie Hancock
Total Eclipse of the Heart--Bonnie Tyler
Purple Rain--Prince (great guitar solo)
Tarzan's Boy--Baltimora

Man I could go on forever with this list.


posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 03:37 PM
I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Rait

Hysteria - Def Leppard

Cars - Gary Numan

Take Your Time Do It Right - SOS Band

Oh No - The Commodores

Just Once - James Ingram

Emotional Rescue - Rolling Stones

Little Jeannie - Elton John

Fire Lake - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

I'm Alright - Kenny Loggins

Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield

Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band

Eye In The Sky - Alan Parsons Project

Heat Of The Moment - Asia

867-5309 Jenny - Tommy Tutone

Somebody's Baby - Jackson Browne

You Can Do Magic - America

Nobody - Sylvia ( great lyrics )

Everybody Wants You - Billy Squier

Every Breath You Take - The Police

Hard Habit To Break - Chicago

Eyes Without A Face - Billy Idol

Sister Christian - Night Ranger

Take On Me - A - Ha ( one of best videos of all time )

John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band - Tender Years

Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel

No One Is To Blame - Howard Jones

All Cried Out - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

Captain Of Her Heart - Double

Dreams - Van Halen

In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

At This Moment - Billy Vera & The Beaters

Don't Shed A Tear - Paul Carrack

Time & Tide - Basia

Eternal Flame - The Bangles

Angel Eyes - Jeff Healy Band

Cult Of Personality - Living Colour

Just to name a few...

Sorry for the long list, I'm just very passionate about music and there's so much of it out there. Who knows, maybe I posted a song that someone hasn't hear or doesn't know and they'll check it out and like it..

posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 03:46 PM

Originally posted by elevatedone

Eyes Without A Face - Billy Idol

None of the rest of Idol's songs can begin to compare with this one. Great list.


[edit on 27-6-2005 by Dr Love]

posted on Jun, 30 2005 @ 03:30 PM
That site is a good fing, great job, websurfer

Let me add a few, and don't laugh at them!

I Ran (So Far Away) - A Flock of Seagulls
Burning Down the House - Talking Heads
Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears For Fears
Cars - Gary Numan
West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys
Saved By Zero - The Fixx
One Thing Leads to Another - The Fixx
Queen - Pretty much all of them.
Tainted Love - Soft Cell or Petshop Boys? Can't remember.

[edit on 6/30/2005 by GoldEagle]

posted on Jun, 30 2005 @ 04:34 PM
Fat Boy Slim(not sure he was early 90's, but he was 90's) -Praise You

Weird Al- Another One Ride the Bus

Weird Al- Living in the Fridge

Weird Al George of the Jungle

Richard Cheese- Any Song he does, he takes popular songs and turns them into big band/swing songs, like in Dawn of the Dead he re-did Down With The Sickness or earlier song he re-made was Hey Jude, so cool to hear those songs with trumpets and saxaphones.

They Might Be Giants- Rolly Polly Fish Heads(not sure they were original band to play it though)

Public Enenmy #1- Bring da Noise

Just ones I think were late 80's or early 90's. I have no idea though.

posted on Jun, 30 2005 @ 06:50 PM
Tainted Love was by Soft Cell and the remake by Marilyn Manson is pretty good too

posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 02:52 PM

Originally posted by DB Cooper
Most songs by Duran Duran

There where great, everytime I think of the 80s they come to mind. Here are a few more.

Duran Duran - Come Undone
Duran Duran - Ordinary World
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Album
Pink Floyd - Echoes

Originally posted by DB Cooper
Tainted Love was by Soft Cell and the remake by Marilyn Manson is pretty good too.

That explains why people don't know what I'm talking about. I keep saying it was Petshop Boys.

[edit on 7/1/2005 by GoldEagle]

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