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POLITICS: The Creation of a Unified North American Community is 5 Years Away

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posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 12:26 PM
Currently there is a joint task force composed of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, and the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Inernacionales tasked with the creation of a new North American Community. The plan the task force has outlined will take 5 years or until 2010 to complete. Once complete the new border will encompass Canada, Mexico and the United States. The new country will be called the North American Community and will allow the free passage of people and goods between the three countries.
Establish a common security perimeter by 2010. The governments of Canada, Mexico, and the United States should articulate as their long-term goal a common security perimeter for North America. In particular, the three governments should strive toward a situation in which a terrorist trying to penetrate our borders will have an equally hard time doing so, no matter which country he elects to enter first. We believe that these measures should be extended to include a commitment to common approaches toward international negotiations on the global movement of people, cargo, and vessels. Like free trade a decade ago, a common security perimeter for North America is an ambitious but achievable goal that will require specific policy, statutory, and procedural changes in all three nations.

Develop a North American Border Pass. The three countries should develop a secure North American Border Pass with biometric identifiers. This document would allow its bearers expedited passage through customs, immigration, and airport security throughout the region. The program would be modeled on the U.S.-Canadian “NEXUS” and the U.S.-Mexican “SENTRI” programs, which provide “smart cards” to allow swifter passage to those who pose no risk. Only those who voluntarily seek, receive, and pay the costs for a security clearance would obtain a Border Pass. The pass would be accepted at all border points within North America as a complement to, but not a replacement for, national identity documents or passports.

Develop a unified North American border action plan. The closing of the borders following the 9/11 attacks awakened all three governments to the need for rethinking management of the borders. Intense negotiations produced the bilateral “Smart Borders” agreements. Although the two borders are different and may in certain instances require policies that need to be implemented at two speeds, cooperation by the three governments in the following areas would lead to a better result than a “dual-bilateral”

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The major question everyone should be asking themselves is does this make any sense. On the surface it appears ludicrous but on closer examination it actually is quite credible. Currently, there is public outcry for the government to seal the Mexican border yet not a single politician, Republican or Democrat, has taken any real steps to do so. What could be the reason our representatives are ignoring the vast majority of Americans on this issue when they are usually so concerned with getting re-elected? The answer is they already know that the Mexico-USA border is going to be obsolete in 5 years so why bother closing it now. Also, President Bush’s plans to allow amnesty to illegal aliens already in this country fall right in line with this plan. Another supporting event is the creation of a unified European bloc. With a Unified Europe the America’s must surely believe the best way to survive is to join forces.

In March of 2005 President Bush, President Vicente Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin all committed their governments to the path of unification. By using reasons such as economic development and terrorism threats the unification of the three countries is all but imminent. Again, this has all transpired under our very noses without much fanfare or protest. Sovereignty, it appears, will not go out with a bang but rather silently.

Not only will the plan include the free flow of people and goods but it will also include other notable features as well.

  • The unification of the militaries of the three countries to better defend against terrorist threats.
  • The further development of the NADBank to create a North American Community Bank, as it were.
  • The development of the Mexican economy using stimulus from the USA and Canada.
  • The development of a North American power grid

These are only a few of the plans for the new North American Community. There are many other plans but you can read them for yourself.

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posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 01:35 PM
More information on this story that was released by the Council on Foreign Relations

North Americans are ready for a new relationship. Studies over the past 20 years have shown a convergence of values, on personal and family issues as well as on public policy. An October 2003 poll taken in all three countries by Ekos, a Canadian firm, found that a clear majority believes that a North American economic union will be established in the next ten years. The same survey found an overwhelming majority in favor of more integrated North American policies on the environment, transportation, and defense and a more modest majority in favor of common energy and banking policies. And 75 percent of people in the United States and Canada, and two-thirds of Mexicans, support the development of a North American security perimeter. The U.S., Mexican, and Canadian governments remain zealous defenders of an outdated conception of sovereignty even though their citizens are ready for a new approach. Each nation's leadership has stressed differences rather than common interests. North America needs leaders who can articulate and pursue a broader vision.

I hope this Committee will pursue the North American agenda beyond the travel initiative considered here. On June 23rd, the three leaders promised to publish a report with specific recommendations on how to deepen North American integration. These should be reviewed together with Senator Richard Lugar's far-sighted bill for a "North American Cooperative Security Act" and Senator Cornyn's "North American Investment Fund." The time has come for us to define a true North American Community. Our security and prosperity depend on it


It's all happening under our noses.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 01:59 PM
I think you are making too much of what this independant group is suggesting. They aren't saying that Mexican federales should patrol arizona, or that mounties should gallop around upstate new york and vermont. They are saying, rather sensibly, that the three countries have lots of common interests, namely border security and economic development. To address these common concerns that all three countries share, they should work together. That means that when someone on a watch list enters mexico, the US government gets alerted. That means that the Three work together to patrol the borders of the continent, rather than the US ineffectively stopping terrorists from crossing into the US. It'd be easier to patrol the very small southern mexican border than be unconcerned about who gets into mexico and crosses into the US.

Also, the CFR, its not a government agency, its an independant committee. It has no power. It has great influence, because its widely seen, in the policy community, as reliable and sensible and open. It's publication, Foreign Affairs, is non-partisan and respected for that. So nothing is actually happening, this is a work group, independant even from the CFR, that the CFR commissioned to study these problems and to make recommendations. Its not policy, and its still entirely up to the government and the people to enact any of these extremely sensible suggestions.

And the suggestion that the 'creation of a super state is 5 years away' is simply wrong. The report makes suggestions for what can be done to address these problems now, what can be accomplished by 5 years from now, and what can be accomplished 10 years from now. None of it suggests the actual creation of a super state or overgovernment.

There's actually an ATS discussion thread on it here, where is was originally severly misrepresented (as opposed to here, where it not egregious).

Also, here is the report, in pdf form. It makes for an interesting read.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 02:09 PM
Here are some news reports that mention or concern the issue:

These are from earlier this month.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 02:15 PM
Didnt PY say to get out of the cities in 2010...??

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 02:21 PM
Nygdan, you are completely correct in everything you have said. This is just a plan and a superstate will not be created overnight. However, I tend to think with the government currently ignoring the immigration problem this proposal sounds completely logical not to mention future competition with the EU. With Bush actually wanting to give amnesty to illegals and with the meeting in Waco this all sounds like policy not propsal to me. However, I could end up looking like a nutjob but I think sooner or later this is the future.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 03:06 PM
If these things were implemented, and if in the future the three countries united, then future historians would be correct to look at this as part of the whole 'thing', just like people now look at the Federalist Papers or newspaper articles on the pros and con's of Federating the colonies and the like. But, those are a lot of 'if's.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 07:28 PM
I don't think Canada wants to be part of the US in any realignment of North America, Canada is still a Commonwealth Country who has the Queen as head of state.If Canada agrees to this new alignment , thats ok ,but if they don't America and Britain would be enemies again , as our allegiance is more with Canada than America.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 07:54 PM
This is just a stepping stone to the planned American Union goal. Border security and economic development were the same reasons used to establish a non-political European community in the late 1940s which eventually led to the formation of the European Union. This is a known fact.

A North American Community on the basis of border security and economic development between the US, Canada and Mexico, in addition with the CAFTA and FTAA on the plans, is just a stepping stone to an American Union. A rather long stepping stone with several more stepping stones to go, IMO.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 08:02 PM
Quote: "Also, the CFR is not a Government Agency, it’s an independent committee. It has no Power..."

Oh besides the fact that the CFR is in control of the Federal Reserve & hence the Cash Supply - that’s all! No "Real Power" there!

The Reason why the Mexican Border is still open despite the outcry from the Majority of the Citizenry is because the Business Class (you know those Corporate CFR types) WANT the Cheap Mexican Labor! Our Politicians are (to quote my favorite Comedian) "SOUL-less CASH WHORES"! The President doesn't tell the CFR what to do - the CFR tells the President what to do!

If we really want to change things - we have to start with our own Political System - it has Degenerated to the point of a Freak Show! Their job is not to entertain us - it is to help take care of Serious Problems & Challenges that the Country faces!

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 08:02 PM
This is not good... I guess this is another attempt by the New World Order since it didn't work so well in europe they are now try to do it here in north america... i am voting no!

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 08:17 PM

Originally posted by Seraphim_Serpente
Quote: "Also, the CFR is not a Government Agency, it’s an independent committee. It has no Power..."

I had noticed that portion of the document earlier and wanted to post it but it was in all caps, so I didn't.

That being the case this is a non government group with no authority to make it come true. That is why I sent a head line fix during the voting process since this is pure speculation or hope if you will on the part of a group.

One would think if this were to take place in 5 years, they would need a constitution like the EU first and I have not heard of one yet, has anyone?

edit to add

Did anyone notice that there was a copyright on the document? I did. That being the case what is it doing on an official government website?

I have always been under the impression anything on an "Official website" was considered as part of the FOIA. What I am trying to point out here is every government site I have visited mentions the FOIA, this one does not, wonder why?

[edit on 6/24/2005 by shots]

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 08:48 PM
I think five years is overly optimistic. That said, this is the first story I have ever read on ATS that lowered my blood pressure.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 09:23 PM

Originally posted by Chakotay
I think five years is overly optimistic.

I just watched a story on the tsunami and they stated that when the tsunami hit Indonesia that the devastation it left behind, removed the barriers that divided people, and they worked together to bury the dead.

I don't know if this 3 country unity will happen. I can't help but feel though that a major worldwide "happening" will unite people in the future.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 11:43 PM
What? The "free-flow" of people?! That is just plain stupid.

Let's see. If there are, in fact any terrorists in Canada and/or Mexico waiting to attack the U.S., this is just an invitation to wait for 5 years, and BOOM! Free entrance!

Is this serious? Or Just a proposal?

I want facts, please. Is this already in progress or, like I said, just a suggestion that has to be decided on?


posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 11:58 PM
Any conspiracy theorist worth his salt is aware of the fact that while the CFR is not a "government agency", it is used to pave the way for disasterous societal and governmental changes.
This is exactly what is wanted. Not by the citizenry of the U.S. or Canada, I'm sure, but by those who control the money and power, and want even more power.
If this were to happen, if the North American continent were to become one big happy family, whose rules would be the law of the land? It sure would be a great way to sweep away some of those pesky individual rights. Not that the Supreme Court is having trouble doing that, anyway.

posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 12:24 AM
besides canada is not allowed to sell any land to lands belong to the queen of england which is 90 percent.big dreams but it would never sure mexico after texas they would never sell there souls out to the idea.i dont want u.s people flooding my canadian soil.sorry we rather have the border closed.there just a few companies that dont like it.they can take there nafta and shove it.nafta and this border security just another reason to take our lands.canada and mexico are gonna build a wall on our borders very soon to keep u.s out.history states the u.s where colonies of terrorists by the king of england.canada does not forget her history.besides when we tried to put our flag up in 1965 u.s presiendent called us invaded us slur us and freetrade us to death and now you want us to join with ya.i think we are about to act like europe again.the very thing we moved to this british north america for freedoms are now begin taken away by fools in the shadows...

posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 12:30 AM
Don't think so. There is only three and a half years in Bush's contract with the USA. Then it's goodbye to MR Bush and someone will come in and calm the international waters stirred up so totally by Bush.

Prior to that perhap's Mexico and Canada will join the EU. Thereby dropping their enrolements to Nato, and any comitment to the US under the PRESENT government/administration.

Later (2008 post Nov) well all bets are off for both northern and southern adjoining Countries to the USA.


posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 12:47 AM
canada does understand you may have bad leadership and he is leaving soon.its just the mess left by him that may take along time to heal and fix.........we know we had a few bad ones up here too.......

posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 01:04 AM
Canada and Mexico joining the EU?

Doesn't this take away the whole premise of the EUROPEAN Union?



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