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Jihad Chiefs avoid rally after Israeli death threats.

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posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 11:12 AM

BEIT LAHIYA, Gaza Strip (Reuters) - Islamic Jihad activists marched on Friday, vowing not to be cowed by Israeli death threats, but group leaders wary of assassination by airborne missiles avoided the rally.

Israel said on Wednesday it had resumed a "targeted killing" policy against leaders of Islamic Jihad, underlining how far a ceasefire with the Palestinians has frayed since a February summit that revived hopes of Middle East peace.

Islamic Jihad chose Beit Lahiya for its usual Friday rally. Around 1,000 faithful turned up to condemn Israel's decision and pledge retaliation. "Blood for blood and a shelling for a shelling!" they chanted.

But faction chiefs and masked gunmen who normally join such rallies were absent this time. Even the group's main spokesman Khaled al-Batsh remained in a car some distance from the rally.

A Jihad leaflet distributed to marchers said: "We urge our mujahideen to take maximum precautions to foil any chance for the occupation and its planes to eliminate us."

Batsh told Reuters: "The enemy is flying dozens of drones in our skies. Certainly we must be more careful. God has ordered us to take care against the plans of the Zionist enemy."

for some people who says they dont fear death, this is pretty ridiculous, i guess they are afraid of assasination then getting killed.


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