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AMA supports Limits On Video Games and Higher Taxing Of Alcohol (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Jun, 23 2005 @ 03:37 PM
On the final day of their annual meeting on Wednesday, the American Medical Association voted on measures that would determine how to allocate their support. Measures included the more appropriate labeling of video games to insure that only adults can buy violent ones, the increased taxation of alcohol based on level of content, and a nation-wide prohibition on the use of tanning salons by minors. The goal is to encourage healthier lifestyles amongst the nations youth.
The AMA's newly elected president, Dr. J. Edward Hill, suggested in his inaugural remarks Tuesday that doctors use the campaign "as a springboard to improve the health of our nation's most precious commodity, our children."

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States says liquor excise taxes are discriminatory and backfire because by reducing demand, they also reduce tax revenue generated.

Several states have parental consent laws for teen indoor tanning but none have successfully banned it outright, said Melissa Haynes of the Indoor Tanning Association. She said her group believes "decisions on whether or not a teen gets tan should be left up to their parents and not the government."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It should be noted that all of these issues have been placed on the drawing board.....i.e. this is the process that potentially determine the direction of lobbyists.

That said, the increase in tax on alcohol is another example of beating a dead horse.......continue to hit the vices of the public while prescription drugs are hailed as the answer for all of our ills. Please.....their recent decision to not police the advertising of their industries products betrays the so-called concern they are attempting to display by focusing attention on the health of our youth.

And compared to the priority of prescription drug education and regulation, much less the advertising, a restriction on tanning salon access for minors is irrelevant. I couldn't find any immediate numbers on the amount of minors attempting to tan themselves artificially, however, I would venture to guess that the number is dwarfed by the number of hypochondriac pill poppers.

This is smoke and mirrors......

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posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 02:33 PM
I agree, On the surface this does seem somewhat inconsistent with their stance on not banning drug ads on TV.

Its ok to get hooked on some prescription drug you see on TV even if you later find out it is not as safe as originally presented,

But don't play video games, which no clinical data has ever show actually cause violent behavior?

They 'seem' very concerned with youth.

Keyword: seem.

They are trying to blind everyone's logic circuit by playing the "Its for the Children" card.

Could it be they just want you to grow up so you can become an adult Pharmaceutical junkie?

But they are playing politics,
Whenever you mention children, the majority of Americans lose all their ability to logic through an idea.

Very similar to the new drug law, where absurd stipulations are included and shoehorned in by playing the "Its for the Children" card.

Parents are great, but when will they realize kids are kids, capable of being little devils as well as being little angels. Its your job to encourage them to more angel than devil, but be capable of being a devil when needed to protect themselves and the good things of the Universe.


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