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G8 Rhetoric And The Arms Trade (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 11:23 PM
A new report published by Amnesty International and Oxfam was delivered by tank to the embassies of the G8 group of industrialised nations in London today. The report details an arms trade which stands in stark contrast to the humanitarian overtures of the G8 nations.
The G8 nations are undermining their commitment to human rights and the world's poor by continuing to sell weapons to brutal regimes, according to a new report published by Amnesty International and Oxfam.

The report claims that the G8 nations are responsible for more than 80 per cent of the world's arm exports and sell weapons that have ended up in the service of the ruling regimes of Sudan, Burma, the Republic of Congo, Colombia and the Philippines.

"How can G8 commitments to end poverty and injustice be taken seriously if some of the very same governments are undermining peace and stability by deliberately approving arms transfers to repressive regimes, regions of extreme conflict or countries who can ill-afford them?" Ms Khan asked.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

As War has become an industry, how can any member of the G8 nations talk about human rights when they themselves are undermining peace in areas all around the world in the name of business?

How can any G8 nation speak out against repressive regimes when their companies are using legal loop holes to supply those regimes with weapons and torture equipment?

The most brutal and repressive regimes in the world get their weapons and equipment from the supposedly most civilized and free nations. How can the G8 nations ever hope to be taken seriously when talking about ending poverty and injustice when they themselves are responible for supplying those nations who can ill afford to be buying weapons in the first place?

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