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Sasquatch Containment in "Oklahoma"

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posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 01:20 AM
Greetings to all.
I previously wrote the following message in response to a thread window containing thoughts from a member calling himself/herself "Valhall". Valhall seems to have firm grasp on the edges of much truth.

Sasquatch Containment in "Oklahoma"
Valhall is correct. The two points he/she made regarding Sundance being an "indy" Film Institute, and Ghost Shield being and unknown fledgling studio/film maker is quite astute. We could all learn something from Valhall's patient objectivity.
And I doubt Ghost Shield will be unknown (or poor) for very long when or if they release (sell) their anticipated footage.
I personally listened to the X-Radio interview on this matter. I have also read the transcripts of the interview. The interviewee was not being deceptive in a malcious manner, but rather in an excited, secretive manner.
Several times he mentioned (and was asked about) the containment being in the state of "Oklahoma". The term "Oh-Mah" is and was historically used by the native people of the Northwest part of the U.S. when referring to Sasquatch; not the natives of Oklahoma. I did percieve this as a very deliberate piece of mis-information on the part of the interiewee. The brief May 31st posting by the BFRO regarding "needs" is also an incredibly intriguing and very telling piece of this puzzle, or a very nicely-executed piece of internet ubran-legend fiction:

"a backer will be able to satisfy himself/herself of the existence of these animals, and the possibility of, and value of, close-range video, before committing to the necessary funding to obtain the footage."

If this posting is legitimate, I personally would not be surprised if Daniel Perez was the author. Regardless of the identity of the author, the BFRO is HQ'd in the Northwest (or at least California), not in Oklahoma.

There is another line of thought used by the same native peoples that used the term "Oh-Mah"; and that translates into "if you don't want to be followed or found, guide your persuers down a different path".

I would be very surprised indeed to learn that the "containment" area is really in Oklahoma.

There is much more to this entire event than a simple fraud or lie. This interview has every indication of being a pre-emptive campaign of dis-information and mis-direction.
As for those foolish, arrogant humans that refuse to believe that these species (and their kind) exist......"until one walks into the camp fire light"......take my word for it.......if even a young sasquatch was close enough to you in the forest at night to walk into the light of your campfire (8mmmauser) and sense your intentions of harm; it would be far too late for you to become a "believer", and still be alive to tell others that you had changed your mind! And as for a 9.5-foot tall adult male Sasquatch doing the same........he could literally snap you like a twig before you could move enough to close your awe-struck mouth. It HAS happened, even though it is not their typical nature to attack humans. It IS their nature, and they have honed these skills for centuries, to devote much of their daily behavior to living quietly and covertly in extremely remote & inaccessible regions of the wild.

Let us not foget, it was only in the past 60 years or so that the mountain gorilla moved from legend and myth to accepted scientific fact.

Denial of an obvious truth greater than one’s own ego is very human behavior. A truly open mind accepts greater truths and therefore benefits from greater knowledge.


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