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The real New World Order

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posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 12:29 AM
I get a kick out of the paranoid conspiracy circles that like to connect absolutely everything to fanciful things that are mostly in the realm of imagination and fanfiction; pulling from a few obscure facts and tracing similairly unconnected theories. I enjoy reading those Jordan Maxwell, Icke and Jim Marrs books. In the same way I may enjoy a novel like the Da Vinci Code.

But what about the real New World Order? And by that, I mean the culmination of globalization, greed, corruption, etc. I know its fun to believe that Freemasons, Illuminati and Reptilians are controlling the world. But I also think it detracts, and makes people go 'see, all that mistrust of the government hoopla, it's all from a bunch of looneys!'

I think this is what I see as the closest thing to an nwo going today:

Gross anomalies with 9/11(Pakistani General-Tenet-Attaw link, WTC 7 implosion, etc)

the way 9/11 was used as the impetus for a whole mess of things already in the works for some time by Bush' friends.

the possible coverup of TWA 800 in July of 1996, as well as Waco, JFK, etc.
By coverup, the facts in all these cases show major improper events and elements of a coverup.

The Federal Reserve origin

The White House ties to oil(Haliburton), as well as evil global corporations(Bechtel) and how these effect millitary policy.

the CIA and drugs, and the complicit nature that has arose with them and guerrillas over the years. Also the CIA's dealings with toppling governments, mind control, etc.

The harmful effects of globalization, and organizations with the IMF World Bank, WTO, Dutch Royal Shell, etc. This includes everything from companies like Nike and Disney using abhorrent child slave labor to make their crap, to the privatization of water to mindblowing eco disasters.

American companies(IBM, ford, Coca-Cola, etc) deep invovlement with Nazi Germany. Also the role of American and International banking institutions and the rise of Hitler. Coca Cola, of course is widely implicated in the Columbian death squad scandal.

Enron, with some ties to the White House, who manipulated the California energy crisis and was a prime example of major corporate greed gone bad.

the far reaching Washington DC/Franklin coverup child sex ring scandal.

All of these are real fact based assertions, and definately point to bad things going on in a conspiratory matter...some of which on a global scale, with at the very least pointing to major conflict of interests. Yes, America definately wants to continue to goose step their way to spreading their eagle's wings across the world in the interest o fmillitary domination and oil.

The protests in 1999 in Seatle as well as elsewhere means people out there know whats really going on. Not funny apron wearing old men in a lodge, or aliens, or whatever. I think that kind of stuff, while perhaps having some historical merit and context, doesnt really help in the overall scheme of things. There's definately some bad stuff going on, and definately not in the interest of the people...and definately perpetrated by the US government and nefarious decisions; but it's hard to take the popular fanciful conspiraist idealolgy as truth.

posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 08:16 AM
You really need to connect a few things in your mind.
Try listening to William Cooper's Mystery Babylon series.
It's a very detailed origin of the history of the groups seeking to make up a NWO.

If you think it's all Global capitalism's fault then you are only becoming part of the dielectic as they want you to be.

posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 08:26 AM
Very well done and informative. Your thread is one for ATS Archives I believe.

Have any thoughts on what methods Bush and Pals may be using to
reel-in NATO Countries to their (Bush) rules and beliefs?


posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 03:18 PM
I agree with 8bitagent, we seem to need to enhance the intrigue of western politics by giving the players scales, an apron with strange markings on it or a moss-covered owl!

Seriously, I think that we may be heading to a world that will be 'dominated' by one power and this may bring problems from all corners of the world.
Keep in mind that for the West, the idea of striving to benefit oneself or family is usually connected with financial wealth and the idea of being 'spiritually healthy' takes second seating.
Some Eastern countries aim for the latter and we will find that it's this, that must be alligned with the way others think.
I know that the more cynical of ATSers will talk about Bin Laden's and other religeous/political leaders wealth, I agree, I know that faiths are being used and abused to uphold other Eastern agendas, but we must understand and have faith that we elect our politicians to do the best for us and at times, we may not understand the full story due to the sometimes vindictive media. (I work in the newspaper business!)

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 05:47 PM
Er... nobody wants to debate?
Have I said the wrong things?
What is it you wish to hear?

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 11:41 PM
i think too many people are too scared to think about what might be the truth, whether it's super corrupt evil corporate greed, or a combination of the previously mentioned and forces outside of our control, (outside threats meaning extraterrestrial or cosmic natural disasters.)

One thing that is the truth, is that there have been secrets, super-secrets if you will, that have been kept and handed down through history. What are these friggin secrets???

it seems to me that a lot of people are finally starting to ask questions about what in the hell is going on, and it makes me stoked, cause i'm getting more curious by the day, there's a lot of wierdness going on, that's for sure...

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 02:06 AM
it's very clear that we are heading towards a nwo. our world bank was created under siege, wars were trigger to support a uniting of nations, our trade policies are being manipulated, and most of the people that realize government corruption believe the us is behind it all. how can that be? the power originated in britain, and thats where it will stay. the us is just another reason to bring nations closer together. if the us government does get indicted for terrorizing the world for corprate control, that might give way to reason why controls over nations governments as well as their military might help make the world a safer place.

the more i think about the nwo, the more i believe that if the bigger picture meant bringing the world together under a global market and currency, opening all borders, getting everyone the hell out of africa and turning it into one gigantic new source of energy for the globe to share. then im all for it. its just all the secrecy that boils my blood, why dont i have a right to know?
maybe its the fact that im mixed race and live in multi-culturalled city (vancouver bc)

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