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Daedelus rising.

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posted on Jun, 21 2005 @ 11:33 PM
Ok this is a play that I wrote for my english class.
Its Science Fiction with conspiracy in it.

I might continue with it, I have'nt decided yet.

[NOTE]: Do not make additions to the play, just tell what you think of it.

Also if you see any mistakes please tell me.

Scene 1, Surprising news.

Narrator: We enter seeing Janet Sakai Fujimoto sitting at her desk staring at her notes scrupulously.

Fuji: (Talking under her breath) If c equals 186,000mps in normal space, than c in sub-space should equal out to nearly 100,000 times faster [sighs]

Richards: (Walks in) Fuji.

Fuji: (Startled) Wha, who, oh Jake its just you, I wasn't expecting anyone, you scared me.

Richards: Sorry I didn't mean to.
Fuji there's some things we need to talk about.

Fuji: Talk about? talk about what?

Richards: The program.

Fuji: What about it?

Richards: Come on, I'll tell you on the way.

Fuji: Ok.

Narrator: Fuji and Richards walk to the Research complexes MagLev station.

Fuji: So, what is it, are they cutting funding? or worse...canceling the project?

Richards: No, not that drastic, [Sigh] they don't think research is going fast enough.

Fuji: WHAT?!?, what do they expect, instantaneous research, if they think research isn't going fast enough, well it is there fault, I mean what do they expect when you have five people working on the same project, without ever being able to meet and discuss notes and ideas, they haven't even let us meet each other.

Richards: I know, that's what we have to talk about.
They've decided that it is in there best interests to put all the physicists on the GateWay project together to work.

Fuji: Wha, wow, that's surprising, what happened to there whole national security excuse for us not being able to meet?

Richards: They decided, that do to the bill passed two days ago, that it would be better for national security, if research went on faster.

Fuji: Recent bill? what was it? I haven't had access to the outside world for nearly a week, so I hope you didn't expect me to know.

Richards: I suppose you wouldn't than.
The jist of it was that this, the Tolemak Nuclear fusion research laboratory Island, is no longer part of the United States of America.
The bill was created by a mixture of the President and the Secretary of defense.

Fuji: I didn't think they could do that.

Richards: The excuse they used for the public was that it was do to the threat of current war time spies.

Fuji: I bet the media's having a field day, and all those conspiracy theorists have gone nuts with this.

Richards: Yes they are, the NSA is at its limits, even with Echelon, Beast and that quantum behemoth of theirs.

Fuji: Wow.

Richards: There's something else...

Fuji: What?

Richards: They've officially taken you off project GateWay as of today.

Narrator: they both stop.

Fuji: WHAT?!?, WHY?

Richards: Because you've been reassigned to work on the USSF Daedelus project.

Fuji: Assigned? USSF, the SpaceForce, what use is there for me to work with the USSF?

Richards: (Smirking) Because the Daedelus is the first ship in known history to be able to travel at FTL speeds.

Fuji: Faster Than Light? that's impossible, in fact the whole reason project GateWay was started was because FTL is impossible.

Narrator: they continue walking, than board the MagTrain.

Richards: Well, its not impossible anymore, there have been some breakthroughs in physics, hidden from public awareness of course, but they exist, and as every government in history, ours is taking advantage of it, though in this situation in a positive way.

Fuji: Well, where exactly are we going?

Richards: The one place on Earth that you can hide a starship, and have a large military base.

Fuji: [Raises eyebrow] Where?

Richards: Nellis.

Fuji: Nellis! you mean?

Richards: Yes, Groom lake, Area 51.

Fuji: Wow.

Narrator: It is quiet for a few minutes as Fuji digests the large amount of information she has just received.

Fuji: I just thought of something.

Richards: What's that?

Fuji: I don't have proper security clearance.

Richards: It's been taken care of. (Richards takes out a large manilla envelope and hands it to Fuji), here.

Fuji: (Opens envelope) What is it?

Richards: Your new security clearance card.

Fuji: Omega ATS primary, I've never heard of this level of clearance, what does it mean?

Richards: It means that you have clearance to view all top secret information from Roswell to the Iranian Nuclear genocide.

Fuji: I, I, I I never thought I'd have this kind of clearance

Narrator: Richards clips his own Security Clearance card onto his shirt, Fuji follows suit and does the same.
The MagLev stops and they disembark from it, and start walking up the single corridor leading from it.

Fuji: What is this place?

Richards: Daedelus's home.

Narrator: They walk into a gargantuan hangar that could easily fit five Jumbo jets.

Fuji: How big is this Daedelus?

Richards: Big enough to require a skeleton crew of two-thousand.

Fuji: I guess I shouldn't be to surprised since its a Spaceship.

Richards: Starship technically.

Narrator: They both climb onto a small golf cart like vehicle to cross the hangar with.

Fuji: (Mumbling under her breath) a skeleton crew of two-thousand, wow, this thing must be bigger than are largest aircraft carrier.

Narrator: The vehicle stops in front of a hanging building, with steps leading down, and they get out.

Fuji: (With a look as if she's about to be sick, on her face) I'm gonna have to go on one of those gravity simulators aren't I?

Moreau: No mamb you wont.

Fuji: (Startled) Who are you?

Moreau: Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I'm Captain Lance Moreau United States Space Force.

Fuji: Please don't call me mamb, it makes me feel old.

Moreau: Sorry, I'll try not to.

Fuji: Right. So why don't I have to go through gravity training? Do they expect me to be able to hand the take-off?

Moreau: The Daedelus is equipped with inertial dampeners, so you don't experience the initial grav surge.

Fuji: Really? that's amazing, does the Daedelus employ the use of Artificial gravity generators as well?

Moreau: Yes it does, If you'd both follow me please, I'm sure the tech's. can answer your questions better than I can.

Fuji: (Jokingly) Lead the way mon capitan.

End Of Scene

Scene 2, Up, Up and away!

Narrator: We see Fuji, Richards and Moreau all sitting at a large circular table, along with some military brass, and various scientists.

Fuji: (Whispers to Moreau) Are they gonna talk about battle tactics and weaponry the rest of the time?

Moreau: Yes they are. Would you like to leave?

Fuji: Yes, but I don't want to upset anyone.

Moreau: Don't worry, you wont, in fact we have to leave, we have a schedule.

Fuji: A schedule, a schedule for what?

Moreau: For boarding the Daedelus, in time to make preparations for embarkment.

Fuji: You mean we're leaving...the planet?

Moreau: Yes.

Fuji: But I cant leave the planet, what about my things, and my cat MK?

Moreau: Its all been taken care of.

Fuji: Taken care of, how, what do you mean?

Moreau: We transported all of your things, and your cat to your quarters aboard the Daedelus.

Fuji: You mean the military went into my house, and moved all my things out?

Moreau: Not quite, we TeleTransported your things.

Fuji: TeleTransported? what's that?

Moreau: Basically it turns an object into energy, sends said object energy to the transport location and turns it back into its original matter state. In fact were about to use one.

Fuji: I wish I hadn't asked, know that I have to go through one.

Moreau: Don't worry, you'll be fine.

Fuji: If you say so.

Narrator: They both step onto a circular blue and grey platform, and disappear in a flash of silver light, and reappear on a larger version of the TeleTransporter platform in a large room.

Fuji: That was different, to say the least.

Moreau: Quite, well lets go, Brigadier general Danson said he wanted to meet you as soon as you were aboard, he should be done in the ship auditorium finishing up the symposium he was hosting.

Fuji: Auditorium! This place really is huge.

Narrator: They walk through several gray and blue corridors until they reach a large door with the word auditorium written on it, and stop outside the door.

Fuji: You haven't said a lot, have I offended you somehow, or are you always like this or what?

Moreau: No, no, you haven't offended me, the truth is, I'm normally really talkative, its just that I'm nervous, this being the first launch of a ship like this, and are first real tangative leap into the universe.

Fuji: Well, at least I haven't offended you, to tell you the truth, I'm nervous to.

Narrator: They enter the auditorium, and see it is half way filled, with an older gentleman in full Air Force dress, speaking at a podium in the front of the room.

Narrator: They listen to the speaker.

Danson: I'd like to thank all of you for coming, and for enduring my incessant babbling.

Narrator: The crowd chuckles.

Danson: Before you all go I'd just like to say, how thankful I am of all of you for volunteering for this mission, even though you may never see your family and friends again, and for lieing to them about what you do, yet you endure, and enduring great hardships to make a better future is something this country knows a lot about.
So, I leave you with this, this is one small step for the United States of America, and one giant leap for humankind.

Narrator: Danson steps down from the podium and walks over to Fuji and Moreau, as the crowd disperses in a flurry of chatter.

Danson: Moreau, (Jokingly) I see you made it back in time. and who is this lovely vision of beauty beside you?

Fuji: (Blushing) I'm Dr, Janet Sakai Fujimoto, Fuji for short.

Danson: Well it is nice to meet you Fuji, and here I was expecting an old woman.

Fuji: It is nice to meet you as well General.

Danson: Well, lets get to the bridge, we only have a small launch window to evade radar with.

Narrator: Danson, Fuji and Moreau leave the auditorium and head down a corridor and enter the MagLift at the end of it.

Danson: Command deck, Bridge.

Narrator: The computer beeps the acceptance of the command, and the lift starts moving. a minute later the doors of the lift open revealing a large room with people busy going about their tasks.

Moreau: (Loudly) General on deck.

Narrator: The bridge crew stops what their doing and salutes the general.

Danson: Ok everyone, lets get this bird into space.

Narrator: The bridge crew go to their stations, as do Moreau and Danson.

Danson: Prepare to launch.

Moreau: Preparing to launch, opening launch bay doors.

Fuji: I guess its Up, Up and away.

Narrator, the Daedelus hovers out of its hangar, than points upward, and takes off.

To be continued possibly

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