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Politics are in your Genes? You were just born that way.

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posted on Jun, 21 2005 @ 01:37 PM
Here's a new one - your political views can be a genetic trait?

Some Politics May Be Etched in the Genes

Basically, the article contends that ...

on the basis of a new study, a team of political scientists is arguing that people's gut-level reaction to issues like the death penalty, taxes and abortion is strongly influenced by genetic inheritance. The new research builds on a series of studies that indicate that people's general approach to social issues - more conservative or more progressive - is influenced by genes.

Twin studies were done and found that the twins were like minded on political issues - even when raised apart. The suggestion was also made that like minded parents were likely to be together and have kids. You don't often see two extremely politically opposite people together in a relationship.

Let's take this to another annoying overly PC world level: Could being an extreme Republican or Democrat or whatever now be thought of as a birth defect or a handicap by the other side? Are political views heading towards being a protected group and hated political debate and mud slinging be a hate crime?


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