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Giving our planet 'first aid'

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posted on Jun, 21 2005 @ 03:13 AM
Peace in our time?

Isn't it possible to have world peace anymore? We must of course ignore fanatic terrorists as they are not representing any country or people, only themself.

As far as I know, most people want to live their lives without being disturbed by governments or other people. This is the only thing common for most people. But some individuals want to control other people and some governments or religious leaders want to control how people live their lives. This is what disrupt most people's lives. And, unfortunly, some governments or religious leaders is able to trick the common man to behave badly against others (minorities or other nations).
I do not know what the solution to this problem is. Maybe all the time remind people not to live or do as the 'controllers' want them to?

Another problem is governments. They consist of politicans who oftem never have been anything other than a politican. They often make laws and limits that is not any good for most people. I'm not sure why, but politicans do seem to be different than normal people. They often seems to want to lead their country into conflict with others. Maybe the problem is the politic competition; they are used to be in conflict with others?

And then there is newspapers (and news TV's) that also have power to (mis)lead people and governments into conflict.

So what can be the solutions? Any idea at all?

One possibility could be to remind people to let other people live their lives as they seem fit. Maybe news companies could do this once a month?

Or change peoples values? Now many people think money is the most important in our life. But actually only people are important. Most people stay in their jobs; they get to know their colleagues, they become friends, and so they remains in the job. With other words most people stay in their jobs for social reasons and not the payment. With limits, of course, when the payment gets bad enough many tend to leave. This proves that most people (maybe without thinking about it) already knows that other people is important.
So I think it is possible to convince many that a money-free society is possible. A money-free society only people is important and all desicions made is centered around people. This would change our society drastically as today companies and politicans care only for money. With money-free I suggest whitout currency, whitout trading items for other items, money or numbers. I think people is willing to work for society, the common good. I know that many is interested in doing something important for society even without getting any pay for it. That is why I'm convinced money-free society will work.
Changing to a money-free society is important because then all factories will construct various pollution-cleaners for air and liquids they today just release without cleaning it first (because it is expensive). Cleaning our wastes is the most important thing today for our planet.

An alternative would perhaps be that the important things we need to survive is free, but the rest cost money. What we need to survive at a minimum is a place to live (house, apartment, hut, farm) basic food (bread, water/milk, something to have on the bread, fruit, possibly meat/fish) and social contact (often in the form of a job, a position (organisation or politics), whatever it takes to feel useful for others). But to me it does not seem logical to let some things be free while other things should cost... But what do you think?

Can we give our planet first aid?

"Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable." - John F. Kennedy

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