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Actual True Reptilian Encounters by Members here...

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posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 01:13 AM
reply to post by GREGNOW

What do you mean when you say in the "physical"?

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 12:27 PM

It seems this thread still has a pulse. I've been looking for answers to my own experience in trying to determine if it was real. To my knowledge, I have never experienced or dreamed about encounters with reptilians before or since this single event. As an aside, I do not subscribe to the theory that reptilians run this or any other worlds except their own, and remain unconvinced that they even exist.

All I recall about it was this:
My family and I were at my grandma's house in rural Nebraska. That part I am certain was real. The rest, I just don't know what to think of. When I became aware of what was going on, the first thing I noticed was white light pouring into the house from one side. I remember the whole family was scrambling to hide because someone was coming in the house to get us. We didn't have time to hide well. I was under a table, I think next to my brother.

From the back and front doors, these "men" came into the kitchen where we were all hiding. They were wearing white biohazard suits. They had some device, and as stupid as it sounds, it resembled a bike pump which was also covered in a sleeve of the same material they were wearing.

They walked over to us, and grabbed whoever it was next to me. He resisted, but one dragged him to the middle of the kitchen on his belly. The intruder put the pump on his back as though were a big syringe and stepped on the base of it as if to ensure it would penetrate his clothes/skin.

After that I recall an adult was holding me in their arms and taking me back to my room. While passing one of the "men", he removed his helmet.

How do I describe a reptilian in any way that hasn't already been done? He was just like people claim they look, although it seems notable that I've not seen the frills I observed on his head being described anywhere else. Probably the best comparison I can make is to that of a frilled lizard, although the frills were proportionately much smaller. Scaly, wet-looking greenish brownish skin. Pointy but not large teeth, eye color uncertain but I think it was gold.

So there you go. More stories without proof. I try not to think about the experience much because answers are so hard to find, but maybe in some small way it will help you.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 01:03 PM
This is good thread, OP. There really are no real evidence. My personal opinions are:
1. people are trying to project their own dark side to something alien. It´s the thinking: humans can´t be bad, we are good, but evil reptilians or grays make us do bad things. Like children who blame invisible friends for their own troubles. This is quite immature IMO.
2. my other theory is a bit far feched, but I have suspected, that maybe there are reptilian aliens, but they are good instead. There are some encounters, especially with children, who say, that they met reptilian beings, who were very wise and loving. Also, dragons and snakes are symbols of good and wisdom in most cultures, but not in christian culture. Catholic church have made many things seem evil, they have been manipulating with people for centuries. Today, when people are more sceptical and paranoid, they use new kind of brainwashing. David Icke kind. It has made me think, that what if reptilians are good and ancient teachers of mankind, who plan to return, as many cultures prophecise, but this would mean, that many people in power would lose their power and they don´t want this to happen. So they desided to make people despise and fear reptilians? This is just one idea of course.
Somethimes I think, that conspiracy theorists, who should be free and sceptical thinkers, are too easily brainwashed. You just have to serve information correctly. It´s same with Illuminati and several other theories. I haven´t found proof, that these are true, but bunch of people seem to be so sure about it. Because some authors claim it to be truth. How can they believe something without any real proof?

ETA: I just saw how old this thread is and that OP hasn´t visited ATS over 6 years! I guess he´s not coming back here for futher discussion then

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