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The Worst 19 Problems of the United States!

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posted on Aug, 12 2003 @ 12:57 PM
let's see....
worst 19 problems of the us?
I could narrow that down.

1. Colonel
2. Colonel
3. whiny liberals trying to take away... nevermind, the colonel
4. Moku
5. protestors
6. lawyers
7. colonel

posted on Aug, 12 2003 @ 01:05 PM
Cold anger, where do yo keep getting this crap?

posted on Aug, 12 2003 @ 01:07 PM
Ya fergot about
-baseball bat
-thrown out a window
-runnin somebody's @$$ over wit a car
-using products contrary to their labeling
The methods are truly unlimited if you really think about it.
The problem is where does all of this viciousness comes from.

posted on Aug, 12 2003 @ 01:46 PM
Oh so true.

The means is not the question, the why is what needs answered and stopped. This does all however bring up another interesting topic (maybe should be it's own), does violence in music and tv/movies breed violence in real life???? I would have to say based on the numbers, no, because america is the only violent country and many other have the same music and movies on their top charts.........

posted on Aug, 12 2003 @ 05:41 PM
This article had to have been written by an ultra left winger. Ill agree on some points, but most, well, most are hardly worth mentioning.

Guns are not a problem. If only 35,000 people a year are dying from guns, then thats tiny compared to the old 60,000 number. In a country the size of the us, that number is so small its hardly worth consideration.

Niether is our suppsoed stinginess. We give alot more than 8 billion a year in foreign aid, Ill tell ya that, and if it were in my power, Id cut it all off, especially to Israel who gets 10 billion a year, thus, dusting the idea we only give 8. We should not be supporting the world or getting involved in any of thier messes, we should not be expnading or manipulating govornments. And we should not be sending money to countries with #head leaders who will blow it all on something less than noble anyway.

Our school system is a joke, and needs to be revamped badly. Ill agree on that point. Its pathetic. No wonder so many americans tend to be dense and dont know how to find thier country on a map. Sad.

Healthcare? Its a tough one. I have no medical insurance, yet, a national health care system is disturbing. thats something socialist Europe is more than welcome to have, but in a country this size, it would be silly. besides, thats what states are for. california has a public health system, so do some other states. It is unconsitituional, just like the IRS and FBI. I would much rather die from my illnesses than live under such a system.

The death penalty is actually a great idea, one I do not opposed. (Ithink it hysterical that they mentioend we would never get to enter the European Union, as if this is a big fear on anyones mind here, lol). Nothing uncivilized about the death penalty. Its not a detrent, but a means to rid the genepool of worthless dangerous riffraff. it is worthy to note that the death penalty notion that states who have it have a higher crime rate, because those states that have it are usually heavily populated. More people, more international mixing, more crime. Note that in iran and China, theres hardly a murder rate, and they have the death penalty as well. It is culture, the bottom line. We have a violent culture. That, and well, we dont enforce it enough.

Divorce is a massive problem in the US, yet the other day i was looking up world wide divorce rates, and have discovered that Scandinavia and the former Soviet republics have a WAY higher divorce rate than we do. Cuba does too. So, we hardly lead the world in divorce, its just with our hysterical media, dovirces, high prfile ones, get #loads of coverage.

Obeisity is a problem, one that irks me to no end. I have never been fat, am not fat, and refuse to get fat. I see some pigs downing three burgers in a setting. I see people turning down lower calorie food, or not serving it at all. Theres nothign glorious about fat. Its disgusting to look at, and is a bigger problem in this country than smoking. yet only smokers get nagged and riddiculed.

Alcohol? Thats a problem? i do believe the Russians consume more. Last tiem I checked, before the collpase of the soviet union, Russians consumed 9 liters of vodka for every man woman and child, per year. of course, alcoholism, well, ive seen plenty of boozers. A problem, yeah. But it always has been, just like balding and hemroids. No news there, and prohibition sure as hell didnt stop us from drinking.

Serial killers? They failed to mention that Richard Ramierez and Charle Ng, both serial killers, both not white. But yeah, we got alot of serial killers. And serial rapists too. But, that comes from having a huge massive country that attracts all types. You have so many different viewpoints and unbringings, systems and such, youre always gonna have, well, some wierd ones. Born and raised in Cali, serial kilelr capitol of the US. Not too bad tho. Makes interesting reading! lol

No public transit> Thats a problem, We should have one, but dont. Still, some places dont need it. Cali culd sure use one. Though it would hardly decrease traffic. Look at europe. public transit out the gazoo, and they still have packed roads.

Pollution? Welcome to the 21st century. Thats always a problem. No escaping it unless we go back to caves. But we could rediuce it considerably, save money, and become more self sifficient. yeah, that is a problem, But I have seen the pollution in Europe. I could never imagine any river being a pure flow of flesh eating toxins until I saw the Rhein. And I went on vacation to blackpool, england. First time Ive ever seen brown water. Guess the pacific coast is just lucky.

Vacations? yeah, Ill agree. Oh, we get months of vacation: its called unemployment. And more often than not, most employters I have worked for dont even have vacation. the few that do, you get one week a year, and have to claw and scream to get it, and are made to feel guilty for taking it. Our companies have serious problems. it does lower the quality of life here, and induces stress and depression. of course, if given 4 weeks of vacation a year, we more than likely would not go overseas, save mexico and canada, which arent overseas. Most Americans would travel the country and see what they could see. Generally, most Americans have little interest in world travel, as, not only is it hideously expensive for us, but, well, when they see images on the news of people saying die americans, burning flags, down with USA, it generally stimies any jetset tendancies. (oh, look at that man holding the sign saying death to Americans, burning the flag, oh, lets go there, get the kids)

The real problems with the US are: too much TV, Zionist occupation, too many US companies and products abroad, too many jobs going overseas, too little education, too little awareness of whats going on in thier own borders, people not taking care of themselves, national debt, and traitors running the gov. Thats what i think thats wrong. most other problems can stem from that.

posted on Aug, 12 2003 @ 06:10 PM
IMHO You are very close to completely correct,but there are still those who would argue with you,mostly a habit they learned by watching their parents while growing up.
A very good place to gain a more thorough understanding of the legal system is to study the uniform commercial code (UCC),it is a rush to realise how corrupt the legal system really is,the only reason I mention this is that you mentioned something about more enforcement of laws,laws that were once rights serve only to make an innocent man into a criminal.
Is a good place to start,that is, if you do not already know of these secret codes
look for an article in the archives,You and the UCC,I think.

posted on Aug, 12 2003 @ 07:55 PM
[Edited on 14-8-2003 by PolskieWojsko]

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 02:50 AM

Originally posted by Bob88
Cold anger, where do yo keep getting this crap?

At least we have fun, don´t we?

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 04:12 AM
Quick note on firearm deaths in the US.
In 1996 there were 34,040 firearm deaths in the United States:

14,327 Homicides
1,134 Accidental
413 Undetermined

In the year 2000, the per cent break down for firearm deaths was:

37.7% Homicide
02.7% Accidental Discharge
00.9% Law Enforcement
00.8% Undetermined Intent

It is seen that the majority of firearm deaths in the United States are suicides. Therefore in an effort to prevent people from using firearms in suicide, it behooves the United States to pass a law prohibting the use of a firearm to commit suicide. Anyone using a firearm to commit suicide would be guilty of a felony with a maximum twenty year prison term and a maximum $500,000 fine. If the person used a hand gun to commit the suicide then there would be a mandatory five year sentence. Once people realize that they would face stiff prison sentences if they commited suicide using a firearm, then that practice would cease and people would turn to less violent methods of suicide.

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 04:18 AM

Well, if you made that restitution payable by the family, and incarcerated them for the prescribed period, that would certainly shake up ideas about gun safety and ownership.

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 09:20 AM

Yes it would very likely shake things up, but it goes back to the same problem we have already.

The govt and law enforcment don't want kids to be spanked, yet, when the kids act up and are under 18, the parents are responsible. Yet, you can't spank them, so they act up ...... get the picture???? It's BS making someone else responsible for someone elses actions unless you give them a way to control it. Now, with kids, let me spank my kids. I was spanked as a kid and I turned out just fine. (kill kill kill.... lol j/k)

But with something like the suicide issue, so what. If they really wanna kill themselves, let them. No loss to me. I have told people in my family, if you kill yourself I won't cry. No loss to me. I used to be suicidal, and it is a pu$$y way out of things. Life never gets so bad to kill yourself. I figured that out after about 5 attempts. I was a stupid pu$$y when I tried it. I feel the same about anyone else that does it.

SO no one should be held responsible.

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 09:34 AM
Ah, well spoken. Most gun deaths are NOT murders, but accidents and suicides. So? If people want to kill themselves, no matter how they do it, its thier life to end, thier choice, and I dont think anyone has the right to interfere. Guns provide a quick and efficient means to do it. Suicide against the law? What joke.

Thus, guns not only give Americans safety and security, but a way out when life gets to the crux point where it is simply a waste of time.

Eastern Europeans may be able to filter more booze, yet you forget, Americans come from somewhere. Other ethnic groups in Europe do well to filter loads of alcohol. And theres many Am,ericans descended from Eastern Europe. I still dont understand why alcohol is a bigger problem than others, if people wanna get drunk and rot thier liver, thats thier biz. We live in a #ty society anyway, booze, drugs, guns, all offer people some sort of relief, temp or permanent.

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 09:54 AM

This will be a bitter pill to swallow for some (Gazrock :p)

Ooh! I'll bite!

1. Nuclear Weapons: Sure, lets forget that the concept of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), is what kept us from having a nuclear confrontation for decades... Sure, we have a lot, but we're hardly the only nuclear power, so this isn't just a "US problem".

2. Guns: Likewise, we aren't the only nation with guns. Hell, in Iraq's markets, you could be a 10 year old and pick up an AK-47!

3. Health Insurance: If you are willing to have a job, you pretty much can have insurance. And when I need to go to a doctor, I don't have to wait in a line for hours on end, like in countries with universal health care.

4. Education: Funny, how we still seem to turn out some of the brightest scientists, etc. in the world. School is what YOU make it...

5. Family: On this point, I'll agree. But, this is hardly a US-only issue...this is a modern world issue, faced in almost every industrialized nation (as both parents must work).

6. Death Penalty: Look, some people just can't be rehabilitated...and what's really more cruel? Death, or Life Imprisonment? I'll choose death...thanks.

7. Serial Killers: Oh my goodness, this is the biggest stretch yet... Hello? Jack the Ripper? Most international terrorists have death tolls way higher than any US serial killer. Are these terrorists not serial killers? Sure they are...we're just talking labels here. Please....

8. Police: Oh god, speeding tickets, and now it forcing those to turn to crime? The police aren't to blame for criminals. More riches = More crime...simple law of society.

9. Vacations: Oh wait...I thought we were lazy Americans? Make up your damned minds!

10. Stock Market: Uhh...huh? We've had crashes...we're still here... A crash is disastrous in ANY country...

11. Drugs: Again, hardly a US only problem. Heck, in many countries, it's as easy to find as a loaf of bread.

12. Immigration: Total falsehood, especially as I happen to be SURROUNDED by skilled immigrants at my workplace....

13. Foreign Aid: Hell, we aid people that we're dropping bombs on for godsakes!

14. Metric System: Ok, I'm with you on this one....English Measurement is a stupid and antiquated system....

15. Public Transit: One thing to consider here....our states are bigger than most countries... That's a lot of land to when you consider this, it's amazing it's as good as it is. Also, major cities have it organized pretty well.

16. Pentagon: Sorry, but we are the world policemen, so yes, we do spend a lot on protecting our interests that span the globe. Plus, we didn't get to be on top by sitting on our arses....

17. Pollution: Hardly a US only problem, but I'll admit we are the largest polluter of the planet. Of course though, we're the largest industrialized area as well, so that's really a simple matter of ratios.... Still, we could do more on this, and I'll let you keep it as a valid point...

18. Obesity: A given. However, still not a US only problem, but certainly we have more than our share of this, and it's something we need to work on...

19. Alchohol: Uhmm....some nations are almost synonymous with alchohol...and the US isn't one of them...Russia, Ireland, and Scotland come immediately to mind....

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 10:05 AM
Good points, althpough Id have to disagree on immigrations. We make it VERY hard for people from other industrialized nations to come here. I know a buddy of mine in Scotland who applied for a work Visa here, and was waiting 7 years before finally he gave up and went to Australia. Sad, really. The vast majority of Immigrants we do let in are unskileld labor.

As far as the pentagon goes, we need to pull our interests back on our own shores. Forget the rest of the world, screw em. if we work it right, we wont have any interests in the world, and will be able to take care of our own on our own.

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 10:59 AM
Raising my glass to you Skadi. Damn right you are. Pull all US interests insinde US borders. No more foreign aid, and no more bombings. Defend the US and only the US, help the US and only the US. Fine US companies that send US jobs overseas.

Then watch all the rest of the countries rape pillage and kill each other as we fata$$, lazy, alcoholic, gun toting, murderous, unedjucated, tightwad amercans get the last laugh.

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 12:11 PM
Could be right, could be wrong. What the rest of the world would do after American pull out would be thier buisness, not my concern. The Arabs might fare better, thats for sure. But who is to say?

All I know is being the worlds policeman has brought us entirely too many problems and is straining our weakened resources. Weve abandoned the American ideal, squander our wealth, ect. People overseas wanna bitch about Mc Donalds and levi's? Good. They dont need to have them, those were our pride and joy, let them come home to us where they can be appreiciated. Media, everything, brought home. Let them create and save thier own cultures, let them support thier own militaries, let them worry about thier safety, since no one is worrying about our own.

It can be done, but the way we live now will change forever. It requires sacrifice on our parts, and alot of blood sweat and tears to make the necessary changes. But ultimately, we can become fully isolationist and self sufficent if we work hard on it, and no more will we be drawn into the problems abroad that have been going on long before our creation, and will continue long after weve puleld out.

But for now, we follow the dangerous path rome did. I dont want to become the second rome.

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 11:06 PM
Oh well. I'm going to go kill myself now.... live in ...gulp..."America!!"

I wonder why so many want to live here? Must be HAARP sending out waves of delusion to the innocents in the world: * ...come to the Devil, come to the Devil....*

I think some here are just green with farckin envy and hate the thought to distraction......laughter///

posted on Aug, 14 2003 @ 07:34 AM

Good points, althpough Id have to disagree on immigrations. We make it VERY hard for people from other industrialized nations to come here.

Problem really is....we make it too EASY for illegals to enter.

Well, the unskilled immigrants that are here are largely "illegal". If a person has never visited the US, then yes, it would take longer to get the visa... Had he taken a vacation here, and applied while here, likely would have gone much faster.... Course, hindsight is 20/20....

posted on Aug, 14 2003 @ 10:22 AM
Which would pretty much sum it all up and eliminate the other 19 problems.
America used to be a separatist country,racism,prejudice,poverty and a whole host of other societal ills were much,much less prevalent here in the past,many will argue that point and say that separatism itself is a kind of prejudice,but they would be mistaken,that racism and prejudice have always been here,which is only partly true.

posted on Aug, 14 2003 @ 10:28 AM
I still dont get why so many people want to come here and do.blows my mind. Maybe if they are comming from a third world country and are dirt poor and simply want a place to raise thier kids where they wont be dying from disease and war and stuff. But I cant fathom why Anyone from an indistrialized nation would want to. Seems they still come, or try to.....

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