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Time travel theoretical possible!

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 06:00 PM
The time travel paradox of going into the past; you would mess up the future. Well wouldn't you have already done that, so you actually didn't mess up the future but you were suppose to go back in time?

But then you ask the question of going back in time and killing your grandparents then would you vanish?


This is how I think time travel is possible, but only on a highly protected top secret government project:

This is a hypothetical...please use an open mind...

I'm going to use the Ancient Egyptians as my time travel inventors...

Time travel can be invented by an idea, and a secret cover-up, that is heavily guarded and protected for millions of years, then when time travel is invented, the time machine goes back to that location in time, following the ancient orders from those who invented the idea. As long as the same group coordinates the plan for centuries and centuries, it should work.

Here we go...please read carefully...


***FYI, the man I describe below is part of the elite who already rule the land.

A man ponders the idea that millions of years from now, man will develope a contraption that could take humans back in time. But obviously that device has not been invented yet.

The man is very wise and he understands the high level of risk involved with time travel, i.e. the paradox of killing your grandparents.

The man understands that time travel must be kept secret.

The man understands this must be kept in the confines of those in power in order to ensure maximum protection and control.

The man understands that he is living in the present time that humans from the future would travel in time to visit him.

So to lower the risk and to protect man kind from the paradox he understands that it must be kept very secret.

So the man picks a location that is so secluded and gaurded that no one can access the area. Say miles below one of the pyramids for example.

A special room, designated for time travel.

The man stats, "When time travel is invented it will be kept secret in this room. Thus in the future, man will travel back in time to this loaction from this location."

So the man coordinates with the world powers that be and explain, "It is our duty to protect this room till the end of time and not let the secret out, even if innocent lives are taken, the matter is life and death."

So if the room is protected till the end of time, and the secret is never let out, and millions of years into the future it is still guarded, then when a time machine is developed...

Then wouldn't a time machine appear in the room as if proving the accomplishment of keeping it heavily guarded and top secret for millions of years?

If everything went as planned throughout the years of protecting the room and keeping everything top secret, then wouldn't the time machine appear as soon as the idea is put into place?

Because if the room and the idea we're gaurded and protected at all costs, Then it would be safe to travel in time so the paradox would never come true.

THUS, you would never be protecting an empty room, it would always have the time machine in it. THEREFORE, you would've been protecting the time machine the whole time.

This might be the top secret above top secret with in our world powers that be currently.

Let me know what you think, I've never heard anyone mention this before in discussion of time travel, to me it seems to be the only reasonable scenario for time travel to be possible.


The group protecting the room would also be the ones who invent time travel and/or have close surveillance on all scientist around the world, and whoever invents it first will be killed, and the time machine gets stolen.

In theory the room would just be a door to the future/past thats 's always open...

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 04:15 AM
The past does not exist.

All the particles of matter that the past was made of, have moved to a different location, and changed. The particles are no longer in the spot they used to be. There is nothing to go see.

There is only a now that is changing, and our now creates our future.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 01:07 PM
I Was watching a program the other week about time travel a quick run down when you are at the event horizon of a black hole and being spun real fast time slows down for you but to a observer watching you spin he will eventually see you disappear into the past

also as i type this there is a time machine already being built by a man named James Merriet although this wont send people back in time only a single particle the way it works is a serious of lasers criss crossing down a tube as hot as the surface of the sun warp space time into a circles then as a particle is passed down through the coloum it rotates and in theory should disappear into the past when this machine is finally switched on there could be particles coming out of the machine from experiments already done in the future.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 10:34 AM
theoretically speaking time travel as we consider it can ONLY occur if at the moment of arrival in the past the timeline diverges. none of this the universe makes it right crap. the very presence of your matter in the past creates a paradox unless the timeline diverges into a parallel reality separate from the original present u came from.

essentially if u go back in time the chances of you returning to your original time line is next to impossible but u can come back to one almost identical to the one you left assuming u dont move breath or interact with anything also the further back in time you go the more your presence effects the future.

so if by some miracle someone does get a chance to go back in time make sure to say bye to your loved ones. you might not see them again... not in the way you remember them anyway.

posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 03:06 AM
ughhh, another theory. time is (and i know all you guys are gonna be like, hey thats off doctor who... unless you dont watch it...) but time is closelest to resebling a big ball of timey wimey stuff. you can go forward in time, backward, but its not a line, its a misshapen blob that changes constantly. you can go and change stuff, but its not as bad as in the butterfly effect. there are certain times when time cannot change becouse of something important in space (the cause of WWII for example MUSNT change, or the nazis could rule the earth or not come to existance at all!

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