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Fathers Day June 19th, Sunday (Share your father stories)

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posted on Jun, 17 2005 @ 01:47 PM
Fathers day is coming up, so share your favorite story about your father (or SO father, if SO is not a father)

Two stories, one of my Granddad, and his son my dad.

I was about 5 and went out fishing with Grandpa. there was a nearby river in the unglaciated part of Wisconsin. He did his best to keep me interested and I think after a while he realised the fish wouldn't be biting told me to fish over my those weeds, cause there would probly be fish over there. I finally felt the mearest plug on my line and pulled in a whopping 3 foot long.... seaweed. Of course he made big deal about it and even put it in the fish Bucket so he could show off the whole family. And everytime I drive near a "Histerical" marker I am reminded of him.

The one of my Dad is a simpler one. My Dad was working in the garage and having a beer with one of his freinds. He could tell I was bored and told me to take apart a carberator. SO there I was in the middle of the garage sitting down doing my best to take a carberator apart. his friend said while looking at me "If there is one thing I miss about having a son, that is it"

Neither my Dad or Grandpa were people who showed thier emotion or affection for you, you had to look in thier eyes and see the glint, and often could only know how much they loved you second hand.

/Feel sorry for those that don't have a dad they love, and hope someday you can be "#1 Dad in the world" on your own

My favorite quotes from both

"Just run over thier toes" -Grandpa who was in a wheelchair and my bro was having a hard time pushing him thru a crowded place

"It made a perfect bunker for my army men" -My dad remembering the day as a kid where he hid all his army men in an oven

posted on Jun, 17 2005 @ 02:42 PM
Well, I totally f’d up this past mothers day in regards to my wife. So, this Sunday I am going to have a “makeup” mother day for my wife in place of father’s day. Although she doesn’t know it yet.

So, early in the AM I will wake up, get the kid up and fed while she sleeps. Ill do the breakfast in bed thing, etc, etc…At least give her a late morning and some rest from the little monkey boy.

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