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For Mod intrepid's eyes only!!

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posted on Jun, 16 2005 @ 11:51 PM
Intrepide a week or so ago your wrote your thoaghts about how females feel in regard to the bible being male biased,and you stated that when you have made a stand as a male in your relationship you somehow end up in the middle of the yard with your Mr`s throwing your clothes at you.

I`ve come to realise this as a cry for help so i can no longer hold a secret that i was entrusted with many years ago.

For valitity sake i`ll tell you the whole story of how i came to know this so you can make your own mind up.

One dark night as i was taking my usual walk it started to rain so i took a short cut through the local park, a mysterious stranger walked toward me,when he got close to me he said``if you give me a couple of bucks(Australian dollars)i`ll tell you a secret,from his speach he was either speaking in tongues or he had drunk one bottle of scotch to many. he could do with a cup of coffee at least, so i thoaght what the heck and i gave him the money.I`m glad i did.

He began by telling me that many years earlier he had gone to the outback(Australian desert) because of something to do with his baby ate a dingo or something like that,as i said i think he was speaking in tongues and that part was hard to interprete,anyway he was out there looking in caves and in one cave he stumbled across a very old jug covered almost completly in red dust he knew it was extremley old due to the amount of dust,which could`nt have happened overnight,it was made in a far away foreign land because it stated such on the bottom of the jug which help alot,one less thing to research.

Now for the important part,something you need to swear to secrecy,and with this knowedge i`m about to share comes great responsability,lets just call it secret mens business and only allow other men in on it when they are in your similar circumstance and crying out for help.

The strange man continued with this-I took the jug and smashed it against the wall,(which i was horrified at and told him he is such an idiot because other than keep sake he could have got at least $0.25 cents at a local garage sale for it)anyway inside this earthware jug was a scroll and it told of a different version to Genesis,i`ll spare you all the verses and tell you what it said in laymen terms.

It read-In the beginning God made everything exactly as the bible says,but when he made Adam,Adam became lonely because he saw all other creatures had mates and he did`nt,so he asked God ``God can i have a mate that will be loyal,honest,hard working,non arguementive,attracted to only myself,quietly spoken,and that she knows her place``God said to Adam ``Yes you may have it but it will be expensive for you,i will have to take one of your arms and one of your legs to make her.Adam said ``wow that is rich,what can you do me for a rib``

And that my freind is where the problem could lie,i`m not saying you can quote me on this but its worth thinking about.BUT dont do as i did,after hearing this i ran home full of excitment and quickly told my Mr`s what i`ve been entrusted with and enlighten on.I cannot STRESS enough DO NOT DO THIS,thats why it should only be kept between men and we`ll call it secret mens business.

P.S i hope God has more of a sense of humour than my Mrs or i`ll be spending more than a week in the dog house.

And if this has been emailed to the wrong address can you please forward it to Intreped the destressed Mod,and if any that read this by mistake,or cant follow a simple intruction just to remind you its FOR MOD INTREPIDES EYE`S ONLY!!! secretly add to this thread on your thoughts and i promise it will remain our secret.

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