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Society should blame Teachers not parents

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posted on Jun, 16 2005 @ 08:48 PM
Society should blame Teachers not parents

Teachers always tell students that they have rights
ie the right to have sex at a young age, the right to leave your parents, the right not to get smacked for bahaving bad

Teachers tell students to be assertive, but this right is always abused to the extreme

Teacher are mostly Left wing
Back in High school we had to write a brief decription of an Australian Prime Minister
I choose a right wing PM and recieved a C
All the students that choose a Left wing PM recieved B or A

Nowadays students can even go on strike

Also, if you look in the news you will see teachers having relationships with students
I dont think this happened in the 1950's

Lastly teachers say to all the students that they have the potiental to be anything ie Doctor or Lawyer
This is not the case, some children are naturally smart while other will have to be content with being a factory worker

Plus watch the Simpson episode when Lisa steals all the teacher's edition books
esp the quote the math teacher makes after the teachers find out the books have gone

Those that can work
Those that cant teach

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