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¿ For or Against Abortion ?

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posted on Jun, 18 2005 @ 02:58 PM
Well said, '99. I agree - as a Christian.

The biggest problem I have with so many supposed pro-lifers that I KNOW is they have absolutely NO problem with innocent women and children being blown to hell by accident, or not, as long as they are "towel heads" in far away lands... especially when the rationale for war as been blown out of the water.. (smoking gun - the British memo)

posted on Jun, 18 2005 @ 02:59 PM
As a Veteran AND a Christian, that is a willful blindeness that turns me inside out. And I am even talking about people in MY OWN family!

posted on Jun, 18 2005 @ 05:33 PM
Abortion, gays and cat and dogs mating is one of the most controversial topics in these boards and one to bring the most heated discussions.

At the end nobody understand the pain and suffering involve when a women has to make a decision.

leave women issues for women to decide and keep the politics and personal religious propaganda groups out of it, women body parts are not the property of the government or the church.

It would be interesting if men were able to give birth. . . . I bet they would scream for abortions rights with no problems at all, specially if they become rape victims.

I wish, I wish, I wish.

posted on Jun, 18 2005 @ 06:45 PM
Just once I would love to see a man get a period or give birth. But alas, not in this lifetime. But men also do have some rights when it comes to their child. I think the decision is between the two involved and not the rest of the world. I think for abortion it comes down to when you personally believe life begins.

posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 09:16 PM

Originally posted by EastCoastKid
So, CHICKST3R, are you a girl and not yet a woman, as Britney Spears would croon?

I would say I am a YOUNG lady!

Originally posted by Memorialday1999
Just once I would love to see a man get a period or give birth.

If only, if only!!!

Men don't understand FULLY untill they have a child of their own!.....Well...I haven't had a child yet, but still..I'm a YOUNG lady!

posted on Jun, 20 2005 @ 08:02 AM
I read the most infuriating thing yesterday.. regarding the Dominionist Christian movement (led by the likes of D. James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Ministries & James Dobson, Focus on the Family).. Now these are guys I once respected, until they started showing us (
) their true colors under this administration. It was talking about how they embrace old testament laws and punishments (like the death penalty for homosexuals). What I read was women are to remain chaste until marriage, but NOT men (specifically). What a crock of retarded, half-baked S H I Tee. Abortion? Death Penalty. They are sickos. No different from the Taliban, if you ask me. Born again Christians are NOT held to Old Testament law!!! Fort these so-called luminaries (looniaries) to push this false doctrine is abhorrent.

And folks wonder why I don't go to church anymore.

posted on Jun, 21 2005 @ 01:09 PM
Totally agree.

A few years ago we had a comedian in the UK (Ben Elton.......before he started hanging out with Lloyd-Webber) who did an excellent routine about women's sanitary products (these had just about been passed as acceptable for British long as they kept it all toned down and didn't frighten the horses etc etc).

He - rightly - made a lot of funny contrast to how life would be if it were men that had the periods.
There'd be none of this ludicrous coyness or the sicko expectation that 50% of the population feel an unacknowledged shame about their own bodies over it all, oh no, young blokes would be loudly comparing quantity, duration, pain levels and flow etc etc (you get the picture).

Ditto abortion.
If it were men that had the children there'd be no arguement.......and a damned sight less unwanted pregnancies in the first place.
You can bet the not untypical male attitude to abandoning their partner in the event of pregnancy would be a hell of a lot different too!

I find it frankly sad and yet tragically funny that in large part it is ultra-conservative men who make up so much of the anti-abortion and general moral repressive gang.

[edit on 21-6-2005 by sminkeypinkey]

posted on Jun, 21 2005 @ 01:33 PM
It's quite interesting, too, that so many of these so-called moral leaders are often found to be just as bad, if not worse, than those they point their crooked fingers at. Off the top of my head - William Bennett, author of The Book of Virtues. Mr. Bennett's got quite the gambling addiction.

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posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 04:54 PM

You're 14 years old and is pregnant with a 10 month old baby. You have to choices, either you have an abortion or have the baby and set it up for adoption


I was in this very situation, with the exception that you cannot be pregnant for 10 months. yikes no one would ever be born....just kiddin ya

I was 14 and about 12 weeks pregnant. and there is a cut off date in most states. Most states it is 14 weeks I know that in NY you can go up to the second trimester of 5 months.

If you are talking partial birth abortion, that is done when the mothers life is at stake. When they past the new law about partial birth abortion, it was made to sound like anyone could go and get this done. NOT TRUE. It is an emergency procedure.

Back to the being 14 and pregnant. The decision was not up to me. My parents made me go to the clinic. I don't know what my life would be like now. It has been over 20 yrs now. I cannot say that a day doesn't go by that I dont think about it. But I still believe that it is a WOMANS RIGHT TO CHOOSE. By saying that I mean any female of child bearing age.

So for all of you that think that abortion is the easy way out you are kidding yourself.

Thanks to Marg6043,

For pointing out if men were having children we would be talking a whole other ballpark..

Perhaps they would have a drive through, with beer and pretzels.

I just want to say that these are my opinions and either way it is a tough life changing decision to make.

[edit on 6/25/2005 by Rhiannon1968]

posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 06:32 PM
I think being made to have an abortion is terrible, too.

I'm sorry to hear about that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, tho.

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 12:10 AM
My 2 cents. I believe that abortion as a means of birth control is not only wrong, it's irresponsible. Then again, if you're using abortion as birth control, irresponsibillity will be common place.

There is so many types of birth control out there now that it should be appearent that this option is not needed. Damn, how much does it cost for condoms today? Less than going to a movie I would think. And yes, he's as much responsible for contreception as she is.

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 12:51 AM
But should being irresponsible be illegal?

If so, let me make a list.

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 01:11 AM

Originally posted by RANT
But should being irresponsible be illegal?

Well, if it involves someone either than yourself, YES.

posted on Aug, 13 2005 @ 09:31 AM

But should being irresponsible be illegal?

I agree with what the last person said" if it involves someone other than yourself, than yes..." something like that.

I think that abortion is wrong, of courseI believe in the bible and I am a christian as some people on this thread know.

my beliefs are based on the bible, or at least I try to apply what the bible says to my life to the best that I can.

I believe that abortion is wrong no matter what reason you might think is valid. I believe that life begins at conception at the moments the two parts (egg/sperm) form life.

the baby can be a few seconds old from the time of conception or it can a few months old or it can be a few hours from being born. I still think that no matter what, its still a human and deserves the chance at life.

now some people say " I got pregnant because my birth-control/condom/something else didnt work." my answer would be, if you didnt want to have a kid why where you willing to take all but one step of the process to make a baby? I usually get that answer from those who are not married. I also get the answer "I dont want th baby." well I say, give it to someone else. it doesnt cost that much money to give a baby away. it also doesnt cost much to let family members take care of it.
some other people say that "the kid may be a financial burden" what kid isnt? all kids are burdens, all kids cost money one way or another.
some people say that "if a woman gets raped, she shouldnt be required to carry that baby." its not the babies fault that it got there. and its not the mothers fault that it got there. its the rapists fault, so either kill the rapist of put him in jail. dont punish the baby for something it didnt do. and dont punish the mother either (I dont know why you would punish the mother, I just thought it were fair to include her)

so no matter what, its not the babies fault and it will never be the babies fault.
the babies body is not a part of the mothers body, half of the babies born are males. so there is no way that it can be part of the mothers body. now I understand that it uses the mothers body but it doesnt make it part of it.
when a mother says that she should have the right to have an abortion, she is trying to make a decision for the baby weither it lives or dies and applying that decision.
you know when someone tries to commit suicide and people start talking about how selfish that it for them to make a decision on their own body, well now someone is trying to make a decision for someone elses body. and that it not right.

of course this is just my opinion based on my beliefs and experience.


posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 04:42 PM
I've had several points of view on this 'un. I've gone back and forth being labelled pro-choice and pro-life.


I don't think abortion is "right". I don't think it should ever be an option for contraceptive purposes, and I don't like that it's available to (basically) any woman who requests one. I do have religious reasons for this, but they're also confusing; the concept that an aborted soul might be simply working out it's karma (or simply moving on to the next vessel) is difficult to work with at times.

Having said that...

I'm very, very afraid of having the option taken away for those cases where it might just be medically necessary, or in cases of rape and/or incest. The last two don't really need to be explained, as they pretty much speak for themselves - unless the child is exceptionally emotionally mature, the trauma of pregnancy and birth and then having the child adopted would be far greater than any trauma experienced by undergoing termination. The same applies to rape cases.

The difficulty for me comes from the question of "what is deemed medically necessary".

Does mental health count as a factor?

Does "medically necessary" mean the mother's life has to be directly threatened? The fetus' life? Both? What if the mother is clinically depressed? Does this have a bearing?

The other factor which makes me uncomfortable is the concept of it being a woman's right to choose...but not the man's right. It does after all take two people to conceive, and it seems imprudent, and unfair, to allow one party to have complete control with no consideration made to how the other party feels.

If both parties are responsible for having safe sex (or not, as the case would be), then perhaps both parties should have input as to the consequences of their actions.

In a nutshell: I don't agree with abortion on principle, but I think I'd like blanket prohibition even less.

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 12:48 AM
No matter how I look at abortion, I can't help thinking that there must always be a better way. Even in extreme cases (rape, child deficiency, etc), the act is the same.
There was a time when it seemed normal that the father had the right over life and death of his children. There was a time, not so long ago (or is it now?), when children born out of wedlock had not at all the same legal status as legitimate children.
Now it seems that the children-to-be have a different status, depending on whether they are wanted or not.
This isn't very logical, and I am sure that in time we will as a society recognize this contradiction, and make sure that abortions are not needed.
Meanwhile, we have to deal with tangled social paradoxes, such as:
People who in their best moments recognize that abortion is not a great idea, at other times are part of the peer pressures that make abortions happen.

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 05:30 PM
I have to say that I am anti-abortion, pro-choice.

In other words, I think that for me, abortion is not right, it is killing something that could have life. However, it is not my place to decide for another person.

Outlawing abortion would be fine if every person that got pregnant did so because they wanted to. Because they knew everything about birth control, and that (for example) taking antibiotics with the pill causes the pill to be like chewing candy.

That every woman that got pregnant devoted 9 months to caring for the fetus. That we didn't have hospital wings filled with babies born addicted to heroin, coc aine, crack, with Fetal alcohol syndrom. And that those babies born like that and put up for adoption would get adopted right away, instead of spending a lifetime in the foster system because adoptive parents don't want a sickly baby that needs special care the rest of its life, but want a healthy "normal" child. I knew a woman (TRUE story) who had 4 kids, all under the age of 10, all with fetal alcohol syndrome. She was pregnant again. What do you tell this woman? And yes, she was still drinking. Her husband was taking a leave of absence to watch her and keep her from drinking. How many more of these sickly, addicted, unloved, unwanted kids would we have in the foster system if we outlawed abortion?

Looking at an ideal solution only works in an ideal society. When we stop ignoring those things that don't fit, heroin foster babies...then we can apply ideal solutions.

posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 03:27 PM

That every woman that got pregnant devoted 9 months to caring for the fetus.

If I may I would like to bring my religion into this conversation. The bible says "thou shall not murder"; "cursed be he who taketh reward in slaying innocent blood."
any time in the bible where there is a story of someone having a baby, it says "thou art with CHILD" not fetus or anything else.
basically at conception, the baby is a human and not just a bunch of jelly cells that happen to be growing together.

now I am pro-life. the only time I am pro-choice is when the person is deciding on their own life, providing that they have the capability to decide for themselves. say an old man was suffering in the hospital and the only way to end his pain was to end his life. that would be ok with me if he was ok with it.
but since a baby isnt born an old man we cant go that route.


posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 03:36 PM

Originally posted by Evolution Cruncher

basically at conception, the baby is a human and not just a bunch of jelly cells that happen to be growing together.

now I am pro-life. ...

And that's fine
You have an opinion, a perfectly valid one, and that's your right.

I just don't want the government to be making decisions based upon religious ideals.

posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 12:43 PM
I agree with Tinkleflower. I respect other peoples beliefs, but as MY religion does not agree with yours, I don't feel the law should force me or others like me to follow another persons religious belief.

As I said before, personally, I find the idea unfathomable. I could never do it myself. But that doesn't mean I think everyone should feel/believe the same as I.

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