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What things don't make sense to you?

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posted on Jun, 16 2005 @ 05:34 PM
I was recently discussing with the coworkers some things that do not make sense to us, and we came up with some good ones.

just wondering what your thoughts are about things that do not make sense to you, if you care to share, i'm sure others would love to hear them as well.

1) we live in a reality where people can steal your id / identity.

2) we live in a reality where people can own words (trade mark).

3) we live in a reality where people can own words and steal other peoples ids and identities.

4) we live in a reality where people are always signing their name and handing their ids and identities over to others who own words.

5) we notice people amuse themselves with children's spelling bees and watch as our youngstars try to train their brains to fit into our reality that spells:
"shun" sound with:
"tion" such as in "nation"
and "cean" such as in "ocean"

at any rate, please feel free to share some original things that don't make sense to you, or some of your favorites from others. thanks in advance.

posted on Jun, 17 2005 @ 11:58 AM
They may be able to streal my identity, but it is illegal and they will eventually get caught or whatever they stole will be corrected.

They may be able to trademark words, but not everyday words, and really the trademark only comes into affect with avertising, which a majority of use do not have a part in

Most companies include their cut of the profits in the items we buy from them, or they take it in as free advertising..

as far as kids at spelling bee's. THat is why English is so hard to learn and is rather cumbersome to use. You need to wonder then why so many are still suing it, or wanting to learn english as a second language

It really isn't as bad as you make it sounds... tho i have a question as why this is in a religion forum


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