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Black Labyrinth and King Arthur

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posted on Jun, 16 2005 @ 04:48 PM

This image/idea of the Black Labyrinth dates back to TINTAGEL, there is something known as the Tintagel Labyrinth pendent as displayed above. Tintagel is the home place and birth place of King Arther. But the symbol dates back roughly 5000 years.

"About 2km further down St Nectan's Glen are a pair of remarkable rock carvings set into the valley's crags. The carvings are small mazes known as finger-labyrinths whose symbolic quality was recognised throughout the ancient world. These small designs, whose diameter is roughly 30cm, are almost 4,000 years old; their lines still draw the finger to the maze's core"

"TOR LABYRINTH Many believe that the terraces encircling the Tor are what remains of an ancient three-dimensional maze. Such mazes were a feature of Bronze Age art and ritual in Europe 4,000 years ago; a fine example can be seen near Tintagel in Cornwall. They are known as Cretan labyrinths, since they have the same design as the famous Minoan maze of ancient lore in Crete. By walking the lines of the labyrinth up Glastonbury Tor, worshippers would have finally reached the symbolic centre at its summit, where the Goddess was believed to reside."

It is also a symbol in South America: roughly the meaning of it is:

"The Journey is what matters and not the destination".

Una Infinitas tends to mean:
One infinity

Abominatio nascitur autumn
Aversion originate [this] autumnal(Autumn)

Hic est tuum temptamen quod temptat tua potentia
Here to be your trial in so far as to test your political power.

Viginti tres gradus ad summam potestatem
How many? Three step up to total rule(test your power).

"Once a long time ago... there was a young man from west Wales who found the cave where King Arthur sleeps with all his knights, waiting for the day when he will awake and ride out to bring justice to a troubled world. This is what he saw...."

Snowdon, where some historians locate Arthur's last battle at Bwlch-y-Saethau (Pass of the Arrows). The cave where Arthur's knights sleep is said to be on nearby Lliwedd. "

If I remember correctly:
The Black Labyrinth is in Wales or Glastonbury and is where King Arthur rests, it is rumoured that in this Labyrinth the Holy Grail is storred. Back many years ago it was rumoured that Arthur spoke to a boy and said he will raise again (due to the fact he drank from the Grail) and would come to protect the just when the biblical end times were upon us and people would challenge his rule of Great Britain.

So could this not just mean:
This Autumn another evil with arise, as it has through-out eternity to test your power as ruler once more.
Like King Arthur is meant to?

posted on Jun, 17 2005 @ 06:30 AM
I can see where you are coming from Odium.

Glastonbury, a small town about 125 miles or 220 km west of London, is full of myth and legend. In ancient times, Glastonbury lay in a triangle with the enormous stone circles of Stonehenge and Avebury - between them they formed a world energy-point. Great circle lines go from Glastonbury to many sacred centres worldwide.

These legends symbolize the search for the Holy Grail the Eternal Self, represented by the Silver Chalice used at the Last Supper and for collecting Christ?s blood from the cross. Joseph of Arimathea brought the chalice to Glastonbury where it is supposedly buried. In past years, England?s young seekers have come here to take psychedelic sacraments.

But I can't find anything about the Black Labyrinth?

P'S I love Glastonbury I have visited Chalice well and the Abbey but I haven't walked up the Tor YET!.


posted on Jun, 17 2005 @ 06:39 AM

Originally posted by switchblade
But I can't find anything about the Black Labyrinth?

Here's one link for you, the site has a bit of information. What if it relates to the idea of a Grail Blood line? Since King Arthur came from Rome during the period where it was beginning to adapt to Catholic thought?

posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 08:20 AM
Good point, since there's a link in terms of availible sources on the subject between the 'time-rift' re. Montauk Project and something to do with Merlin, ie King Arthur's magus, and the Court being linked to what caused the rift.

Also in the same vein there's a Camelot link of another type, because the Labyrinth Group (of the wingmakers material, it's described as an offshoot of an agency named the 'ACIO') was started in 1963 as a time-travel project focusing on altering history and/or the future. (re - the Kennedy Whitehouse 'Camelot' because of the same year and the rumors of why the assasination happened).

It's probably been mentioned before also - Chartres has an 11-fold labyrinth in it that is very much linked with the whole concept of the Grail.

posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 01:09 PM
This is a interesting thread.Here is a link about some of the many myths and ledgends surronding it.I personaly like it being the enterance to the land of the farie.

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