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Man made UFO with 100's of real videos!!!

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posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 02:43 AM
1st off... This is real.. 0% BS with hundreds of video to prove it.

Hey peoples... I do a lot of deferent stuff with Radio controls models and so on... Well a buddy gives me a call one day and said he had completed a new project and wanted me to see it... This guy knows a lot about electronics so I could not wait to see what he had done... Well...... I get to his place he takes me into is garage and I just about $h!T my pants!

There floating in the middle of his garage was an object around 6 feet long and half a foot high!!!! I thought he was playing some type of joke on me because he would not let me get close to it or touch anything!!! He proceeded to tell me that what he had mad was very dangerous and that I could easily get electrocuted if something went wrong. I still thought he was BSing me because I could not believe what I was looking at.

This thing made a little bit of sound but had zero moving parts and was tethered down with some wire... I'm still craping my pants just thinking about it. It got to a point where I was thinking the FBI was going to bust in or something... We talked about this thing for a very long time and he told me I had to keep my pie hole shut about it.

I went home that night and could not sleep... So he calls me up about 2 hwr ago and tells me that he was BSing me just a bit... I was like.. you bastard I new it was not real!! Hes like know.. it is real but I did not make it on my own... I was like hu? lol what aliens helped you or is it some government project?? he giggle and said dude.... I got the instructions off of the net. WHAT!!!! He told me to check my E-mail and sent me a BUNCH of links!! I was mad but I'm glade this stuff is real.

You guys have to check this out. Apparently this technique is not new... I just cant believe that I have NEVER seen this on the web...

Here is one link with a LOT of pics videos and instructions... If anyone checks this stuff out please add the best links to to this post...

Home made UFO / Lifters..

Also you can do a google search for LIFTERS and you will get hundreds of links.

Please if you know of anything else crazy like this please let me know!

posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 02:49 AM
These have been around for a long time. Problem is that they require a VERY high level power supply, so it’s not a feasible free flying load bearing device. If you notice they are made out of very thin balsa wood and aluminum foil, with like 16K volts required to even lift that small amount of weight. The device was not tethered down with the wires you saw, the wires ran to the power supply, if you had removed the wires, the thing would not have taken off though the roof, but rather crashed to the floor.

posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 02:58 AM
american antigravity covers this issue quite well. and before you get excited, remember they are nowhere near real "anti gravity"

posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 03:00 AM
Oh yes I completely understand that.. Sorry I did not make that more clear.. If you check one link out on that site a guy actually lifted his rat. give us ten years and we might be somewhere with this.. Give us 100 and who knows...

Was new to me... just thought I'd post the link... Sorry guys...

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