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Who Shot Mohammed al-Durra - famous story

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posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 02:13 AM
What do you think about this story?? could anybody make something similiar like in the story about attack on pentagon?? and where is the truth?? I have no idea who is telling the truth - and who killed this boy. If anybody could prove that palestinans could kill this man and boy - this story should become one of biggest media manipulations in recent years.

But who is telling the truth?

Three Bullets and a Dead Child
By Lee Kaplan | September 7, 2004

Esther Schapira is a documentary filmmaker in Germany who has produced a remarkable film that reveals more than ever how the Palestinian Authority has used children to advance its goal of attacking Israel in the world media.

Schapira’s film, “Three Bullets and a Dead Child,” in German with English subtitles, shows viewers what actually happened that fateful day in Gaza when 12 year-old Mohammed al Dura was reported to have been deliberately shot by Israeli soldiers. Schapira’s documentary shows terrorists attacking an Israeli army base, along with how a Palestinian cameraman engaged in film manipulations as well as how a French television station created a propaganda moment for Arafat’s Palestinian Authority. Even today, the al Dura event is extensively used to keep the Middle East conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis roiling, costing thousands of lives on both sides.

The films takes viewers on an exhaustive cinematic tour of that morning when Israeli soldiers stationed at the Netzarim outpost were attacked by Palestinians armed with Kalashnikov guns and firebombs, as well as by stone-throwing youths. Some film outtakes even show shots of the boy and his father positioning themselves as if for a visual bite when they easily could have exited the scene with the other Palestinians present. Through exhaustive interviews with the Israel Defense Forces and through forensic studies, the film reveals how it was impossible for Israeli soldiers to have shot Mohammed al-Dura and how the Palestinian Police purposely manipulated the event to Arafat’s advantage


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