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One Trillion - Beat it? scientific proof for BIG BANG given - Laws of Probability

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posted on Jun, 14 2005 @ 06:08 PM
One Trillion - Beat it? scientific proof for BIG BANG given by Pravda poster - Laws of Probability beaten!

1954 - the problem seemed finally solved...
The problem of the Big Bang Theory was the Laws of Probability.
In 1954 George Wald, appeared to have solved the problem.
Like any true genius, all he had to do was add 1 + 1. He added TIME to the equation:

"The important point is that since the origin of life belongs to the category of at-least-once phenomena, time is on its side. However improbable we regard this event, or any of the steps it involves, given enough time, it will almost certainly happen at least once. And for life as we know it, with its capability for growth and reproduction, once may be enough. Time is the hero of the plot . . . Given so much time, the impossible becomes possible, the possible becomes probable, the probable becomes virtually certain. One only has to wait; time itself performs miracles "
From: "The Origin of Life," Scientific American, August, 1954, p. 45

But every genius needs an artistic counterpart to let the layman grasp the idea that changes society.
In the case of Darwin it was the first unknown artist that created the sequence of four or five drawings "from ape to human".
In the case of George Wald it was Julian Huxley, the creator of the example that given enough time, monkeys typing on typewriters could eventually type out the complete works of Shakespeare.

... but once again someone did the math
Unfortunately Luther Sunderland did calculate the odds for that:
"For example, if there were monkeys typing on typewriters covering every square foot of the Earths surface and each one typed at the random fantastic rate of ten characters a second for 30 billion years, there would not be the slightest reasonable chance that a single one would type out a single specific five word sentence of 31 letters, spaces, and punctuation. (The actually probability is less than one chance in a trillion)."

No problem, but True Believers not happy

The problem was solved: none of the evolutionary scientists or mathematicians who knew better raised a single objection to the brilliant example of Julian Huxley. But TRUE BELIEVERS among the evolutionary scientists were not satisfied with the way it was solved, since it was in contradiction of the Laws of Probability.

June 2005 - the puzzle is finally completed

The poster waited proudly for the day Michael Jackson beated the old justice, to announce that the problem plaguing TRUE BELIEVERS among the evolutionary scientists is now finally solved.

The proof that the monkeys can type on typewriters the complete works of Shakespeare, i.e. the probability for the big bang is real, was produced June 2, 2005.
It took 12 days for someone to realise it. Adding 1+1, just like George Wald did in 1954.
The poster was the first to complete the solution of one of the fundamental questions of Mankind. In the most convincing manner, beating by far the one to one trillion odds. No less tban 780 times.

Will the poster get the Nobel Prize for his brilliant discovery from 2005, like George Wald did for his discovery from 1954?
Place your bets. Beat the odds. Beat it!

Source Screenshot on this historic day, June 14, 2005


posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 12:48 AM
Interesting probabilities

Unfortunately they are dwarfed by the probability of the statistical realities going ignored.
Funny tho... 759 Trillion to one, Innocent!


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