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The 9/11 Conspiracy

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posted on Jun, 14 2005 @ 05:50 PM
You know, I have been thinking alot lately, and its all been getting to me. So many people believe that Al'chaeda took control of the plane that hit the Pentagon and crashed into it with a boom, but I dont believe this at all. Would the Pentagon have not have noticed that a plane was close in restricted airspace? Did not, just a few days ago, a plane enter within a couple miles of the "White House" (not as important as the Pentagon By the way, no matter how much you think it is) and that plane was immediatly escorted to safety, with threats that they would shoot it down. Why didnt this happen at the Pentagon then, you ask?

The reason

The plane to hit the Pentagon was planned, by top secret, government officials, high in the ranks, that it only kept to certain ones, (Departments of Safety) who had the power to shoot the plane down, and others who had the power to keep the conspiracy within the correct government people! This meant that not all of the government knew, especially the ones who were not important to the prime goal of the mission (the ones who were killed in the pentagon that day, and the citizen's in the plane!) The government does not mind sacrificing it's own people in order to bring Chaos to everything, and then have a president supposedly, "bring order and peace back to it."

Why would they do such a thing?

Hmm... I have pondered this, and ultimately came to a definite decision after hours of research on the topic. Why would they do this? Simple, to take away the people's money, to bring them all to a state, that they all rely on one thing, The Government! You see, with the war, comes money. Money, that comes from OUR pockets and paychecks, money that is used to fight in these wars. What happened after we started a war with I-raq? We lost money, only to give it to the government, as well as other consequences that have entangled us in the Governments scheme, the governments Web of lies.

1. Gas prices went up, and are steadily escalating faster than ever, only to take our money, to ultimately lead us to depend on another source for help, "The government"

2.Now that we have an excuse to go to war with I-raq with, more money is taken out of our paychecks and pockets to pay for our troops.

There are alot more facts and proofs that I by myself cannot explain, as I am only one brain, nothing more, and I am not a genius. But in short I explain it like this.

I think, that the government staged all of this, but didnt tell even the workers at the pentagon. Notice, the important people didnt get killed. The government is ruthless, they will kill their own people (the people in the pentagon and the planes) to try to "bring us all back together" (or so thats what people say is happening) but is it? No, people are believing now, that someone else is to blame, when it probably wasnt the arabs in the first place, it was probably our own government. I could be wrong, but our government is always bragging about how safe we are and something this big gets through our defenses? Why wasnt that plane shot down if our government has us "so well protected?" This was all the Government's doing..

However i was thinking again on this topic, and it struck me though. Our government is crazy, but was it crazy enough that someone, the pilot of the plane most likely, would drive our own plane into the pentagon and die for his government's selfishness? Well you know, I dont think that anyone would do that, the only way for someone to be foolish enough to do something like that, is if they were forced. Perhaps, the government threatened the pilot with some type of scare tactics, most likely the old "ill kill your family" type thing. Who knows? Im probably completely wrong in all of this, and just thinking too much, eh?

You know, you never know what to believe, after I finish writing this theory, I have my cousin show me this "Did the plane actually hit the pentagon? its a movie supposedly proving that it didnt, but I dunnoo..

posted on Jun, 14 2005 @ 06:24 PM
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