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Potato Family

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posted on Jun, 14 2005 @ 02:35 AM
The Potato Family Joke:

There is a family of potatoes.

One day when the mother potato is cooking dinner, the eledest daughter comes to her and says: mom, I have good news. I am getting married.

The mother is excited with the good news, and asks her daughter who she is marrying. The daughter replys, "a Russett." "Wow, that is a great family to marry into."

At that point the second daughter come forward and also says that she has some good news to tell her mom.

The second daughter says that she too is getting married. The mother can't take the excitement. She is overcome with the news that both daughters are getting married. The mom asks her daught, "Who are you marrying, dear?" The second daughter says "I am marrying and Idaho."

The mom is very happy to hear this. Now the youngest daughter tells her mom that she is also getting married. Her mom nearly faints in discovering this news, so she asks her youngest daughter who she is marrying.

The younges daughter reluctantly says, "I am marrying Dan Rather."

The mother is in shock at this news, and tells her daughter in a disappointing voice, "Dear he is only a common tater."


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