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Ancient technology in mountains

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posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 06:06 PM
I take a couple days off and somebody trots out Hoskins and Blavatsky. NetChicken beat me to it this time, but how many times does everyone need the run down on some lying plumber?

As for Shasta and Lemuria, one more time from the top.

First, Ernst Haeckel (spelling?) proposes a land bridge called Lemuria to explain the geographic distribution of fossil relatives to Lemurs.

1 Year later, HP Blavatsky, founder of the American Theosophical Society, whose goal was to merge science with the occult, latches on to that theory by writing about the "Third Root Race" which inhabited the now sunken Pacific continent of Mu. Blavatsky's story seems to be influenced at least somewhat by the Hindu concept of descending yugas. The "third root race" supposedly were giant hermaphroditic humanoids with a third eye. Sounds great doesn't it? lol

Even later, an author whose name escapes me at the moment writes A Dweller On Two Planets, claiming that a sage named Phylos the Tibetan has revealed to him the secrets of Lemurian survivors living in Mt. Shasta.

Around that time, August Le Polongeon (spelling) falsely claims to have cracked the Mayan glyphs (he's a photographer, not a linguist) and starts talking about ancient advanced civs and lost continents, apparently in the same vein as Blavatsky's Mu/Lemuria

Then later we get T. Lobsang Rampa, better known as "hey you with the pipe wrench and the saggy trousers,".

Edit to conclude:
This is simply occultists hijacking an obsolete scientific hypothesis when it was new, hoping to claim later that they new it all along. They were effectively debunked when the hypothesis proved invalid, however the story was so mystifying that it survived anyway.

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posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 04:10 AM
before 1 AD our ancestors and creators were a very advanced race and the more farsighted of them foresaw a catacylsmic event, they took all the higher class off the planet and left the lower classes and then escaped out of the solar system ( I believe that this is in fact alternative 3). But being a somewhat generous race they left behind small quantities of high technology so that around about the 1920s-40s the Nazis would find it and use it to fight in the war. However the war was won by the Allies and the technology was mostly picked up by the Americans. This has been used to create things for the wrong purpose, the technology was meant to be used for peaceful purposes and not for black projects.

Thsi is only my belief though

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posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 04:42 AM
this is the reason that i stopped lurking..... nonsense so called 'you should all know this' poopy posts. poopy posts.... i like that.

assumptions are the bane of most of the members here, that is why everyone requires proof. i believe in a matriachial society that existed before the current patriarchy, but i have no evidence, therefore i postulate and i say so. to say that this is a horrible nazi ancient thule/atlantean/mu/hollowearth crud thing.... show me.

1st post...late at night.... just a thought

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