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Companies banned from Iraq, why are they still there?

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posted on Jun, 13 2005 @ 03:33 PM
The USG has contracted many companies and corporations to handle specific areas of the Iraq reconstruction project. Custer Battles, an American based firm has lost it's contract due to the it's leadership submitting fake invoices to the government.

Here are a few of the other accusations,

firing on unarmed Iraqi civilians
using fake offshore companies to pad invoices by as much as 400 percent
using forgery and fraud to bilk the American government
swindling at least $50 million.
If "Custer Battles" is not in business anymore...why are they still there?

Former executives of Custer Battles — an American firm accused of stealing millions from Iraq reconstruction projects and banned from further government contracts — have continued doing contracting work and have formed new companies to bid on such projects

The new companies (there are at least three) are all headed by Rob Roy Trumble, who previously was operations chief for Custer Battles, according to state records

The fledgling companies have different names but all are housed in the same office as Custer Battles

Don't tell me this went unnoticed by the USG. Too many names and too many connections are here for this to happen as long as it has been.

I think this is serioulsy screwd up. I understand the need to to have contracting help in Iraq. I mean the military can't do it alone.
But to allow something like this to go "unnoticed" is pathetic.
And just imagine...this is ONE company that has stole XX dollars.
What about the other companies over in Iraq? How much have we paid these criminals? We may never know.

This is one company, there are many more corrupt companies out there all getting thier piece of the Sandy Pie. And there are also many more companies in Iraq doing what they are supposed to do and not stealing from the us, the taxpayers.

Thoughts and opinions?

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