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China Flood Hits School at Least 97 Dead Mostly Children - Scores Missing (from ATSNN)

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posted on Jun, 13 2005 @ 06:57 AM

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posted on Jun, 13 2005 @ 07:04 AM
Sorry I submitted the story but only the picture showed up. I dont have time now to do it again but if anyone wants to recover this the source is




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posted on Jun, 13 2005 @ 09:08 AM

Chinese school flood kills scores

The death toll from a flash flood which hit a Chinese primary school on Friday has risen to 92, with more than a dozen people still missing.

Eighty-eight of the dead were young children trapped in their classrooms when the waters surged.

Bodies floating

China's media has been reporting the first eye-witness accounts of the disaster and its aftermath.

Jia Yibo, father of one of the dead children, told China Daily that he arrived at the school to find 40 small bodies floating in waist-deep water.

Three children and a teacher were stranded on a window sill.

"My son was placed on a desk and the desk's surface was only a little higher than the water level," Jia said.

"His nose, ears and mouth were filled with mud and garbage, and when I touched him, I found he was dead," the paper quoted him as saying.

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posted on Jun, 13 2005 @ 05:42 PM
mythatsabigprobe Thanks very much

Apparently nearly 8inches of rain fell in the area in just 40 mins the worst weather for 200 years, also some locals have said the school was built to low, in a area prone to flooding but not on this scale.

Some estimates say the death toll could rise too 300.

“I heard there were already 199 bodies at the local crematorium by this morning,” the woman, an employee at a post office next to the devastated school, told Reuters.

Local Eyewitness

Most of the more than 90 refrigerators at the local funeral home each contained the bodies of two children, villager Liu Zixia, whose daughter drowned, was quoted as saying by the Shanghai Morning Post on Monday.

There were more than 300 children at the school.

It is a real tradgedy and I wonder if this freak weather event is further signaling a change in our weather. I mean from dry to waist deep water in 7 villages in 40 mins, seems extreme to me.

The true number of dead will probably take some time to be revealed as is normal for China.

My heart goes out to the lost childrens families.

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