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The Fourth way?

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posted on Jun, 13 2005 @ 06:03 AM
The Fourth way? (nwo)

Right, we've had the big systems as Capitalist democracy, Communism and Fascism in our world and none of them have fully worked even tho capitalism seems the most successful out of the three, even tho it will fail one day. What will be the post-capitalist/corporate world? Is there a fourth way and what is it. I know there is a book called the post corporate world and talks about the 'TINA' sydrome which means 'There Is No Alternative' which alot of people think but this book will prove them wrong. Here is the book:- Click here book I haven't yet read the book but what is your idea on the post capitalist world, fourth way? Also has anybody read the book?

cheers cb.

Ps I have posted this in the nwo forum as well to get best of both worlds on what people thought, cheers cb.

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