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Norway's Skjold and America's proposed HCAC

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posted on Jun, 13 2005 @ 01:27 AM


1 RAM Launcher
? NULKA/SRBOC launchers

"Textron Marine & Land’s Hybrid Catamaran Air Cushion Ship (HCAC) is a fast, stealthy and agile J-4 compliant platform that meets or exceeds all thresholds, plus most objectives of the United States Navy’s requirement. The HCAC is capable of sustained sprints of 50-plus knots for 24 hours, while achieving high-efficiency in all speed ranges resulting in an excellent overall payload/speed/range ratio. The catamaran Hybrid hull offers very shallow draft capability resulting in UNDEX protection and extreme maneuverability. The large flight deck accommodates a variety of aircraft, while also allowing generous mission spaces. The C4N suite is an open architectured state-of-the-art NOACE compliant system that reduces decision time and enhances decision quality, while allowing for future growth potential as technologies emerge.

The HCAC is a new and unique hybrid, combining the best traits of both the catamaran and the surface effect ship (SES). When operating as a catamaran (off the air cushion) on its diesel engines, it has an efficient cruise speed of 18-20 knots. As an SES (on the air cushion), it cruises efficiently at 50+ knots.

Textron announced on November 19, 2002 that its Marine and Land Operations located in New Orleans, LA had been awarded a contract to further develop a concept study for the US Navy’s Focused Mission Ship. The Textron-EDO LCS Team consists of other divisions of Textron, George G. Sharp, AMSEC Rosenblatt, BBN Technologies, Purvis Systems, Cyberaid, Maritime Dynamics, David M. Bourg, and Vorus Associates.

In mid-April 2003 at the US Navy League's Sea Air Space Exposition Textron and EDO unveiled their HCAC design."

I hope they go ahead and build this.

posted on Jun, 13 2005 @ 11:56 AM
Looks promising, I hope they build this too, it speed, technology, and armaments seem good enough to warrant a prototype.


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