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Deja vu, Branes and the Quantum Mind

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posted on Jun, 12 2005 @ 03:47 PM
First off, lets talk about Deja vu. Deja vu actually shows that we can operate outside of our bodies. We see events occur on our timeline before they happen. This points to a quantum mind. See, the speed of light is not constant on a quantum level. This is shown by the uncertainty principle and quantum tunneling. These things caused Stephen Hawking to admit that information can escape a black hole. So, what seems like an instant to us is the speed of light and other constants being violated, there constansts in our brane. I was just reading an article in Scientific American that asked, Are the Constants Really Constant? The answer is yes and no. The constants hold true on a macroscopic scale but not on a microscopic scale. So, the Quantum Mind operates faster than the speed of light for what seems like an instant to us and we see an event that takes place on our timeline before it happens. The Quantum Mind is traveling in a higher dimension or hyperspace. I think this is what some psychics can tap into better than others. Theoretically, if you could follow Deja vu in real time you could see the future. Science needs to do vigorous studies on this, but they don't because of the atheistic strain through science that I was alluding to earlier. See, science says that consciousness is the result of matter, so they can't look at it as matter being a result of Consciousness. Somebody somewhere decided that, a natural explanation of the universe, has to be contained within our universe. This is wrong on so many levels as I will explain.

Now, lets talk about branes and higher dimensions. We can infer that higher dimensions exist because of quantum mechanics. Quantum Mechanics is based on probabilities, because all the information about our universe is not contained within our universe. This is why some theorize about a graviton that can travel from brane to brane and between dimensions and carry information about branes and other dimensions. This is why they are looking for a theory of quantum gravity. I actually think they will find a theory of quantum gravity that connects to zero point energy. The Casimir effect along with Uncertainty Principle shows that this energy exist. However this energy is so enormous, that physicist renormalize their equations to cancel out the infinities. What some theorize, is that this energy is so enourmous that it can't exit. They say if it existed that the gravity from this enormous amount of energy would cause everything to collapse into a singularity. Let me explain how enormous this energy would be:

In response to the question “Do Zero-Point Fluctuations Produce a Gravitational Field?” Sciama (1991) writes:

"We now wish to comment on the unsolved problem of the relation between zero-point fluctuations and gravitation. If we ascribe an energy hν / 2 to each mode of the vacuum radiation field, then the total energy of the vacuum is infinite. It would clearly be inconsistent with the original assumption of a background Minkowski space-time to suppose that this energy produces gravitation in a manner controlled by Einstein’s field equations of general relativity. It is also clear that the space-time of the real world approximates closely to the Minkowski state, at least on macroscopic scales. It thus appears that we must regularize the zero-point energy of the vacuum by subtracting it out according to some systematic prescription. At the same time, we would expect zero-point energy differences to gravitate. For example, the (negative) Casimir energy between two plane-parallel perfect conductors would be expected to gravitate; otherwise, the relativistic relation between a measured energy and gravitation would be lost."

Sciama is actually pointing to higher dimensions. He is using General Relativity to explain a quantum event. GR doesn't hold at Planck scales. See, this energy is spread throughout each dimension and subsequently throughout each brane. So this enormous amount of energy is not contained just within our brane. So, it's true that this energy could be throughout one brane and also be spread out through all branes and dimensions. So gravitons or some other particle could carry information from dimension to dimension and from brane to brane. See, the vacuum energy stored in a single hydrogen atom is a trillion times more than all the matter/energy that we see. The paradigm is shifting, and this is why some scientiast will resist. See, it's like a daughter that grows up thinking that her parents are her biological parents and when she turns 18 she finds out that she was adopted. This is how scientist act to paradigm shifts. They acted this way when it switched from Newton to Einstein and then from Einstein to Bohr, Heisenburg and others. The same thing will happen with M-theory. Quantum mechanics makes sense in light of M-theory. Subatomic particles act in a way that seem strange, because they are operating in higher dimensions.

See, M-theory says that these branes are floating in the 11th dimension. The 11th dimension is throughout every point in space. Dr. Michio Kaku calls it a constent Genesis in a sea of Nirvana. Nirvana ties into the Binary Soul Doctrine which says your awareness and your unconscious self seperate at death. This goes back to the great pyramid, which states at death the unconcious self seperates from awareness. The unconcious self goes to the pit and the awareness goes to the queens chamber. The objective was to reunite the two and be reborn in the kings chamber. It should be common knowledge that you survive death. See, your unconscious self holds all of your memories and feelings. So, during your life review at death, you can get hung up on a memory of something you did in life and you will experience hell. The unconscious self can't rationalize feelings of guilt so those feelings get magnified at death. This is why monks abstain from certain things, they want there soul to rest at death and not long for drugs or sex or something else. On the flip side of that is a loving feeling can be magnified and it feels like Heaven. This is why when people see ghosts, many times they are wandering and they are hung up on the same thing and they can't shake the feeling. See, before Christ people died and went to Abraham's Bosom and at the Resurrection people will be Reborn into a sinless body that can recombine the Binary Soul. See, science will eventually show that we survive death, in fact it's already happening, it's just people have to accept the paradigm shift. Science may show that we survive after death, but it's FAITH in Christ Jesus that will allow us to be Resurrected. Chuck Missler likes to say that the Bible is an integrated message system from outside our time domain. The Bible is the Word of God and His Glory is Revealed through the Holy Spirit!!

M-theory points to an Alpha and Omega, the Source of everything. Theologians have been saying this for years and science will soon follow.


posted on Jun, 12 2005 @ 10:12 PM
When I started reading your post I was quite intrigued.. I also wondered why it wasn't in the paranormal section. Having had preminitions on and off all my life [and being an atheist] is reminicent of my own theory that not everyone's perceptions are completely 'concreted' in time. As we have biologically short life spans.. a concious forward continuity between birth and death is neccesary.. we percieve one main linage in time and sometimes intuit others.

See, science will eventually show that we survive death,

It has already been an established scientific fact [for about 50 years now] that energy can't die but only changes.. therefore there is no 'spiritual' death.. only biological which means everything survives.. so what death can Jesus resurect us from if there is no such thing? Or are you arguing for re-encarnation?

posted on Jun, 12 2005 @ 11:31 PM
It's funny that you mention that this post should be in the paranormal section, because that's where I had it. I moved it because they moved my last post here.

Now to your question. I think it has been common knowledge for years about survival after death. Survival after death is a natural thing, the Resurrection isn't. This goes back to the Binary Soul Doctrine. The Ancients realized that we survive death, but they also knew that a split occurs at death. This split occurs between the unconcious self and awareness. This is what the great pyramid is about and this is why the egyptians concentrated so much on death. See, at death your soul splits and the unconcious self goes to the pit and awarness goes to the queens chamber. If the souls could reunite after death, then you would exist in the kings chamber. See, it's through Christ that the binary soul is reunited. The carnal mind is just a reflection of the Spiritual Mind and when Adam mixed with mankind he took on their nature and literally died. Through Christ the actual self can exist after death. Paul even talks about this:

1 Thessalonians 5:23 And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

So at death, you are preserved in Christ Jesus until the Resurrection.

This is a PROFOUND LOVE. God sent His Son to Redeem us and whosoever believes on Him will be SAVED!!! At the Resurrection we will be Reborn into a new Body. So you can exist as you after death and not remnants of who you are that survive death. This is what Paul means when he says sanctify your WHOLE spirit, soul and body.


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