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The Real Power Behind Campaign Finance Reform

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posted on Jun, 12 2005 @ 02:38 PM
How the Pew foundations Sean Treglia (in his own words captured on video) fooled Congress, Media and the American people into believing there was widespread bipartisan grassroot support for campaign finance reform.

On the wmv files below Sean Treglia arrogantly and readily admits to conspiracy in bringing about campaign finance reform by spending years at the Pew foundation manufacturing through grants so-called grassroots movements, political lobbying, policy and polling groups which then were used to convince big business and politicians to be a strangebedfellows in support of reform.

No matter if you are progressive, moderate or conservative concerns are raised at the methods employed by the Pew foundations Sean Treglia in this instance, what an amazing look into the machinations of our real political reality.

In this case the end seems to have justified the means by the utter lack of reporting by the MSM on what should be the scandel of the decade. Of course is it any wonder when the Pew Foundation funds many journalism grants across the country - kind bad form to bite the hand that feeds you!

Watch the video's of Treglia

Treglia explains how he set out to create "mass movement for reform"

Treglia explains how he has knowledge that what he is doing is part of a broader plan

Treglia explains how big business was brought in.

Treglia explains how Pew stayed within the law, but not spirit of law

Treglia explains how Pews efforts would become worthless if congress knew of its involvment.

Treglia says George Will almost blew the lid off Pews efforts.
(By far the most intersting clip demonstrating the ineptness of the media in reporting important news stories.)

In clip two Treglia alluded to a broader plan in the works - anyone up for an opinion on what that is?

I'll kick out this one;

Pew wanted campaign finance reform to limit the more plentiful monies from broadbased groups such as the NRA in order to check its opponents on more liberal legislation and politicians it supports from afar.

Pew Foundation; About Us

This ATSNN thread is very pertinant Lap Dog Media

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