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Nanotechnology in Chemtrails--Aerogel!

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posted on Jun, 12 2005 @ 03:05 AM
Former Intelligence insider unplugs the mystery behind chemtrails, why we see trails at low altitudes, what the medium is that is being used to deliver pathogens, etc. Exclusive-- a must read...

posted on Jun, 12 2005 @ 03:54 AM
Ya know that is actually a very good theory. I'm not very well educated on the whole ChemTrail issue or aware of it's current validity in the Conspiracy Relm either. But, going on the assumption that there is something floating around out there which is being purposefully sprayed down upon the helpless billions, I would certainly agree that Aerogel would be the best delivery system to use.

These are taken from the companies website which makes and sells it.
Thermal Insulation - The fine porous structure of aerogels hinder the transfer of heat by collision of gas molecules with one another.

Acoustic Insulation - Airborne sound waves are minimized travelling through the porous medium of the aerogel structure

Matting (Gloss Reduction)
Our aerogels offer a high matting efficiency while providing water and chemical resistance in many systems.

The high porosity and free flow ability of aerogels provide performance advantages for controlled release agents and other system additives.

The high surface area and hydrophobic surface chemistry yield improved polymer to filler interation enhancing reinforcement.

Rheological Control
With its unique surface chemistry and high surface area, our aerogels can provide enhanced rheological control in many systems.

The high surface area and hydrophobic surface chemistry make our aerogels an excellent choice as a free flowing agent.

Water Repellancy
Nanogel's surface treatment makes the product completely hydrophobic.

Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion Resistance is expected given the chemical and water resistance of Nanogel aerogel."

Sounds like the perfect Invisible, Durable & Stable Airborn (or Waterborn for that matter) delivery system for all kinds of sensitive and/or highly reactive particles of various types. This may turn out to be something after all.

BTW, here's a couple I noticed about a week ago. A couple of giant "X" marks the spot above where I live in California.

I for one hope they were carrying something usefull to help wake people up out of their hypnotic state of awareness, but I'm sure it was just Soma!!

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