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Mike Tyson Fight is Over - nWO - TITOR - AND Evil Government !!!

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posted on Jun, 11 2005 @ 10:37 PM
I just got done watching McBride vs. Tyson on Pay-Per-View.

This isn't the most shocking part - but it is the result of the fight.


After a tough 5 rounds of ... low blows, head butts, and he even tried to break McBrides arm at one point, Tyson was fit with a powerful uppercut and is then pushed to the floor by the taller McBride. The Ref Called it a Push... good thing because Tyson was already deducted 2 points that round for an illegal headbutt that opened up a bloody cut over McBride's Eye. They went to their respective corners after the bell ... and Tyson ... he QUIT! A total suprise! He was only hit by 1 uppercut ... he QUIT ! A lot of people made a lot of money betting McBride the underdawg to win in "the 6th Round. Was Tyson in on it? And thats why he didn't come out of his corner,... even though he didn't have a scratch on him ... and until the 2 point deduction for the headbutt TYSON was winning the Fight ... by 2-3 points... So after that they would have been about even in the fight by the points... but i thought Tyson looked good ... his punches, especially the ones that he usually missed are impressive and powerful.

OK... So after the fight they did a live in the ring interview with TYSON.
This is what he said ...

"I Don't have this in my heart anymore, i did this to pay off the government... "

"I am sorry. "

"I Retire from Boxing. "

"I wish there was some way for the people to get their money back !!!"

Ok ... so thats the shocking news ... here is where the conspiracy comes in...

For One... The way they played this fight up was EXACTLY from the movie, The Great White Hype. It was Savage Former Champion vs. The Champion of Ireland. They played loud bag-pipes as McBride entered the ring to cover up the crowd BOOING him. He came to the ring with the Irish Flag, and had Shamrocks on his Robe. Is this just a case of life imitating art?
In the MOVIE the fight was a way to make money by selling the white people a false hero.

CONSPIRACY NUTS - What if, ... since Tyson owed the GOVT. money, THE GOVT> made TYSON take a fall against their perfect oponent to take back the sport of White former Champions. me out. Is not completely crazy. At least that is what i was thinking while watching the outcome.

There's more...

As Tyson was exiting the ring, the crowd was BOOING him and one person thew a bottle as the way going back up the ramp.

Could this be the Civil Unrest that JOHN TITOR aka TimeTravelor 0 Was taliking about???

Also Ali won her fight and now has 5 woman championships at once. Father was in crowd and celebrated with his daughter after the victory. The crowd still loves Muhammad Ali. He's a Legend!

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posted on Jun, 11 2005 @ 10:43 PM
Nothing shocking about that. Tyson hasn't been anything since he got rid of Rooney and Jacob's/ Want a conspiracy? Tyson could have been anything, but wasn't - he was sold, carefully managed and eventually sold out to make King oddles of cash.

You should be watching the Cotto - Abuleev(sp?) fight. That is something worth watching. I hope you have a grey box, or didn't actually pay for that Tyson fight. I saw it was like 50 bucks!!

For a guy whose last legitimate win was against Ruddock over a decade ago!! LOL!

posted on Jun, 11 2005 @ 10:44 PM
I don't know about all of that, the men that were watching the fight at my house have moved on to other things already, so to them it wasn't such a big deal

but I'll bring up the conspiracy angle with them and see what they have to say


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