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Communist Defends N. Korea and Praises China

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posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 07:04 PM

Prague, 10 June: The Communist North Korea is on the verge of collapse and only supplies of foodstuffs from China and the UN prevent it, Chairman of the junior opposition Communist Party (KSCM) Miroslav Grebenicek told journalists today.

Grebenicek, who has recently visited North Korea, said that he did not consider the system in this country to be socialism and added that he said that openly in North Korea several times and that his statement had been recorded.

Grebenicek criticized North Korea for an excessive cult of personality and isolation. A natural disaster which occurred there in the mid-1990s affected a large majority of its population, he said, adding that factories in North Korea were out-dated and non-prosperous.

The reason is its isolation and excessive armament. "Up to 33 per cent of GDP goes to the military which has 1.1m soldiers. Anyone who understands economics knows what this means," Grebenicek said.

He declined to comment on the situation in North Korea further. [passage omitted]

Grebenicek said that he mainly discussed the process of unification with North Korean leaders and asked them why they had withdrawn from the multi-national talks. He said that he urged them to watch attentively what was going on in China and what positions China presents in the talks.

During his three-week Asian tour, Grebenicek also visited China and Vietnam. He described China as the "economic engine of Asia". "It is a huge miracle which has got moving there," he said, adding that Vietnam was proceeding along the same path.

Why does this scary me?

posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 07:21 PM
Hahahaha. China knows their role. Build me a plasma tv set. I'll throw you some peanuts. Hahahahahaha.

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