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North Korea building more nuclear bombs

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posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 03:51 PM

North Korea has a stockpile of nuclear bombs and is building more weapons, the country's vice foreign minister Kim Gye Gwan has told US television ahead of key talks between the US and South Korean presidents.

"I should say that we have enough nuclear bombs to defend against a US attack," the North Korean official told ABC News in an interview broadcast late Wednesday.

[later in the article]

"I want you to know that our scientists have the knowledge, comparable to other scientists around the world," he said. "You can take it as you like."

But Kim stressed that North Korea "don't have any intention at all of attacking the US."


Regardless of what you think North Koreas intentions for having nukes are; do you think the Korean Peninsula needs to be kept nuke free?

I personally feel it does, just based on the actions of North Korea allready...

Flaunting Nuclear weapons around is very irresponsible, it's like having a gun under your shirt, and constantly telling everyone about it; and how one day your gonna take a few "practice shots".

If I remember the times correctly, I don't even think India, and Pakistan made that big of a deal (to the degree of telling everyone about it weekly) about their nukes.

Anyhow... feel free to discuss this.

If anything at all though; I ask that you keep this thread on topic [Do you think the Korean Peninsula needs to be kept nuke free?] don't derail this thread into another America is the greatest / America is a bully thread.


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