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Privatization of Healthcare (Canadian emphasis)

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posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 02:08 PM
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ATS link on a similar issue (I felt my take on this issue was different enough to warrant a separate thread; if a mod disagrees I will not complain)

Recently in Canada there has been a push towards legalizing private health care. A decision in the last few days has granted people in the province of Quebec the right to purchase private health care. One of the key arguments made in favor of privatized health care is that the ever-increasing waiting queues for surgeries and other treatments are so long that they are violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

My question to the ATS community is, would privatizing health care be a good thing or a bad thing for Canada? Many other countries already have a system of both public & private healthcare, such as Sweden and England, and apparently it works there just fine from what I can gather.

My opinion on the issue so far is that it would be a benefit to Canadians to allow privatized health care. Rich people will have access to faster health care because they can afford to pay for it. This is fine, since it doesn't hurt poorer people any, although it does appear that the rich people are the only ones who benefit (at least with no cost to the poor). However, after some reflection, I realized that this system would benefit the poor people too, even if they never actually use private healthcare. The reason? The rich people will no longer be in the queue to receive services in the public system, and so the poor will receive their treatments faster as well.

I see it as a win-win situation for Canadians to allow private health care. I think it is more of a win situation for the richer portion of the populace, but the poor people will still benefit to a lesser degree from the situation. Since it helps everyone and hurts no one (that I can see) then it makes perfect sense that this is a good thing for everyone.

I am interested in seeing what you all think of this, particularly my fellow Canadians and those who live in a public/private health care system already. I may be missing information that leaves my analysis of the situation flawed, and I would love to learn more on this subject, since it affects me directly.

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