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History Channel's Take on Secret Societies, Illuminati & Freemasonry (Very Impressive! Watch Video

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posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 11:56 PM
Why haven't I seen this before? History Channel does a great job here! Very well done. They even have David Icke to share his views! Still doubt that our world is being dominated and manipulated by Secret Societies? You won't after seeing this!

Complete show on realplayer format divided into 5 parts - double the size for a better view

look at the very bottom of this thread to see more about Skull & Bones

Puppet Masters – Organizations with secret rituals and elaborate rules involved with placing and keeping the world manipulable on strings. Famous members: George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Benjamin Franklin, George W. and George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and hundreds of others.

Knights Templar – Founders of Freemasonry in Britain dedicated to the free exchange of ideas. First Grand Lodge meeting held and the Goose and Gridiron Ale House in London on June 24, 1717. Almost from the beginning there were hidden agendas. Now known as Freemasons they were instrumental in the formation of secret organizations and also fraternal clubs such as Rotary, Kiwanis, and Odd Fellows.

Skull and Bones Society – Founded in 1832 at Yale University in New Haven Connecticut. Membership includes George H. W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, and George W. Bush. Associated organizations: Rhodes Scholars of Oxford University, England (Tony Blair) and The originating organization for these groups The Illuminati that was founded at (the) University of Ingolstadt in Germany.

The Illuminati - Controllers of a global network of secret societies.

Bilderbergers – Most secret of all Secret Groups with about 120 members. Annual meetings have higher security than most heads of state. Membership includes major TV news anchors, publishers of major newspapers and magazines, and corporate magnets including manufacturers of war materials.

Please, watch the video in it's entirety FIRST and THEN share your thoughts here!

Further material/media:

BBC Radio 4 Report on Skull and Bones

This report features audio from a Skull and Bones initiation ritual. Listen to the blood curdling screams and satanic references and remember both Kerry and Bush are intimately involved in this. A MUST LISTEN!

BBC Radio 4 Report

Then there's also the CBS Special on Skull & Bones w/ Alexandria Robbins. Later they show the only hidden camera footage on the actual Occult Ritual inside the tomb. If there are people who haven't seen this, please do:
CBS 60 Minutes on Skull & Bones

Actual Skull and Bones Satanic (Like) Ritual

Documentary on Brotherhood of Death (AKA Skull and Bones)

I especially want to direct the media here to sebatwerk, Majestic12, Boatphone, and other members on ATS who deny the sickness of this society and shrug it off as just another "college frat" that poses no threat. The truth is, they do pose a threat! Our leaders of the world are involved in the Occult & Satanic Rituals! PLEASE WAKE UP AND ACCEPT THIS REALITY!


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