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It is all about dimension/vibration

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posted on Jun, 12 2005 @ 08:42 PM
Two more things, or it makes three.
First about this dimensional, or better about conditioning to see, and finally mass hypnosis.
We are slaves to our main direction in science and view to the world, time space, and don't forget causality, *spelling. What is ironic all three of that theory relativistic put end of absolut to. Time is dilating space contracting and consequence and cause reversed sometimes. So that even in school is learned as truth. But we still think of time space and causes to be solid and not flexible, this gives us obstacle to perceive any even little differed phenomenon from what we expect, it is proved that brain is far more great tool in censoring reality, it is one of the means to stay sane by the way, it has been proven that even normal happenning in the means of physics are to cause amnesia memmory loss, and trouble in integrating personality, so if you see or feel or become involved in non threedimensional plot your brain is erasing it or changing to fit into what you expect, so it would be more to expect from kids then adults to see UFOs and such a phenomena.
Main cross reference is in all real ufo cases breaking the law of physics and being atached to severe violation of laws of optics, gravity, even electrodynamics. Also being followed with of sort of optical ilusions and deceptions.
This is more giving information then taking it toward point of view of ufos being transdimensional and also can be and or is mingled with vibrational field violation.
This doesn't necessarilly mean aliens are hyperdimensional beings, it is more that threedimesional based life forms have trouble to travel across galaxy in the way we travel on this planet, moving from one point to other with standard action reaction drive, which is all we know and it is only way of travel on this planet, Walking too is gravity based action reaction travel, it is not posible in zero gravity, if you follow me on this. This kind of travel is limited by relativistic mechanics to the below speed of light.
If and it is, our perception of reality is reality, then under influence of mass hypnosis we are bound to the laws of physics, and laws too are things which don't limit you, you can and may break the law, thing which prevents you from breaking the law is the consequence of this, so is with the laws of physics, but as the laws in human environment it still force you a lot to stick with them.
Correct me if I am wrong but isn't positron the electron travelling reverse way on the time line, also it is possible that one particle apear from nothing and disapear, only if it doesn't last long. So time travel is something almost every particle do, two sides of the same coin??? Is it really time traveling or the line of time, thread, or path which exist in time and is time. Perception is traveling in time, everything else is still.
If these beings are really transdimensional, and all the odds tell us so, then we are inferior in this moment of time to them, and this can bring troubles in communication.
It really is connected to mind, and lucid dreaming thing too, as dream state without knowing of dreaming is more like waking state really, being awake without knowing that you are "awake".
But in dream you alter your reality and in dream time is too simple clay you can shape with your mind, make it stand still, or go backwards or in quantums, I made all these things and it is possible in dream.

posted on Jun, 14 2005 @ 03:00 AM
I give Science some credit for attempting to find out how things are. I think it is a natural step in understanding the Infinity of Reality. First you define what the 'natural laws' are, and then you carefully begin to bend them.

As much as I know that humans have infinite potential, I also know that each of us has our own personal limits. That is why I prefer to use the term 'bend' rather than break, it is just more the thing I think we can do.

I see the Rules as being imposed on us by ourselves. Certainly people with the ability to do so have impressed ideas upon us, but even then we have to choose to accept them. The percentage of free-thinkers may rise and fall across the Globe, but we never vanish.

Sometimes the hardest thing for one to accept when one has reached a higher state of awareness than the average is that they choose to be this way. Humans decide because that is what they want. If it were any other way then everything would be different, History would be different.


posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 11:13 PM
I did some more research on dimensional matter through links some of you have provided, and read Lacerta files, and guess what they talk about dimensions too, and even more interesting tells us there are not dimensions, but some sort of omnireality. I was thinking in that way but stuck in time, literary, as enigma of time is secondary important here, I primarily stated that aliens are coming paradimensional and that seems to be confirmed, I liked that French researcher, because four states of matter explains everything, appearnce and quick fading of UFOs.

One thing I can not find, what is TLO it is kind of
UFO or ?
I will repeat here, I think and want to research dimensions as tracks in highway, which can be changed, and on second thought, maybe lanes are dimensions with different speed of vibration, so you can switch from slow to fast, and time is like those lines separating the lanes, could it be?

posted on Jul, 23 2005 @ 10:54 PM

posted on Jul, 23 2005 @ 11:55 PM
Read my thread about david sereda talking about vibrational shifts :'

and my thread about alien locomotion through physical space :'

This should give you a firm basis to see how things might be.

posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 03:27 AM
MankoW so you have read the lacerta files.What do you think of it and do you thnk it is true personally imo is total reptilian propaganda

posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 04:16 AM
a couple of things to throw into the mix here:

1: I thought that quantum entanglement had proved that information can travel somehow instantaneously, perhaps not 'faster than the speed of light', but, alternately, connected dimensionally and thereby not dependant upon the model of space/time that pesupposes the idea of things 'moving' through 'sapce'' in order to connect. They already are connected!!

2: When particles jump in quantum packets, to various 'shells' around a nucleus, don't they move instantaneously, in the above described fashion? If they moved normally then they would be traceable, via momentum, acceleration, position.... but they are not because they don't move in an ordinary fashion. Can the quantum jump of the electron be likened to a faster than the speed of light movement that exists within all matter??

3: UFO's are most likely interdimesional, in my opinion.

Sorry if my vocab here is a bit garbled or confused. Any thoughts?

posted on May, 23 2007 @ 07:49 PM
not really a bump on this thread but the last links went unnoticed and i hope more people can read and discuss it.
I did even more research and became more confused about the time, one clue time is not a dimension, more a limiter to it.

posted on May, 23 2007 @ 08:11 PM
Vibration is the speed that revolves around time.'Transdimensional beings' we are.'Equilateral distances' would be accurate more than dimension.

posted on May, 23 2007 @ 08:38 PM

Originally posted by lost_shaman
Why do you think traveling at light speed is so bad?

Time slows down when you approach it.

So you could travel for a very long time at say 99% the speed of light , and only experience a small fraction of time on your journey.

Even though you never travel faster than the speed of light , a 100 LY journey may only take you a month or two , by your time , as experienced on the journey.

And as far as I'm concerned that’s just as good as jumping through a wormhole!

And yes it is like changing your vibration, IMO.

Um, the problem is that your mass increases in an almost unbounded manner the closer to light speed you go, making it harder to accelerate.

posted on May, 24 2007 @ 03:58 PM
Actually, the space travel thing, wouldn't seem as long to the passengers:

Time dilation and space flight
Time dilation would make it possible for passengers in a fast moving vehicle to travel further into the future while aging very little, in that their great speed retards the rate of passage of onboard time. That is, the ship's clock (and according to relativity, any human travelling with it) shows less elapsed time than stationary clocks. For sufficiently high speeds the effect is dramatic. For example, one year of travel might correspond to ten years at home. Indeed, a constant 1 g acceleration would permit humans to travel as far as light has been able to since the big bang (some 13.7 billion light years) in one human lifetime. The space-travellers could return to earth billions of years in the future (provided the Universe hadn't collapsed and our solar system was still around, of course). A scenario based on this idea was presented in the novel Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle.

A more likely use of this effect would be to enable humans to travel to nearby stars without spending their entire lives aboard the ship. However, any such application of time dilation would require the use of some new, advanced method of propulsion. A further problem with relativistic travel is that at such velocities dispersed particles in the rarefied interstellar medium would turn into a stream of high-energy cosmic rays that would destroy the ship unless extraordinary radiation protection measures were taken. Strong electromagnetic fields that could ionize and deflect any interstellar matter has been suggested as one way to avoid these potentially disastrous consequences.

Current space flight technology has fundamental theoretical limits based on the practical problem that an increasing amount of energy is required for propulsion as a craft approaches the speed of light. The likelihood of collision with small space debris and other particulate material is another practical limitation. At the velocities presently attained, however, time dilation is not a factor in space travel. Travel to regions of spacetime where gravitational time dilation is taking place, such as within the gravitational field of a black hole but outside the event horizon (perhaps on a hyperbolic trajectory exiting the field), could also yield results consistent with present theory.

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posted on May, 24 2007 @ 04:14 PM
about lacerta files and all kind of going around the net files
of course there is a lot of propagande but if you create disinfo you back it up with truth, so i think there is more than one obvious mistake in the interview, but, confusing even more.
But i try not to follow the story or filling, but try to find clues in the story details which are common in many other stories, if you follow some of the topics where i post i gave some comments on the topic of dimensional phenomena, based mostly on personal expirience and stories from people who had witnessed something like that.

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