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Missiles Siezed By Venezuelan Authorities

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posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 03:07 PM
I found a report on this yesterday but it doesn't seem to have had a mention here yet, so here goes...

Security concern are escalating at Caracas (Simon Bolivar) international airport in Maiquetia, after the discovery of a shipment of five (5) missiles in transit from Colombia to Tel Aviv (Israel). German airline Lufthansa is claiming that the security seizure at their air cargo depot is a "misunderstanding."

A Lufthansa spokesman told reporters that Venezuelan officials had stopped a shipment of "five pieces of cargo" ... each weighing 65 kilos and destined for Israel. The Lufthansa employee was emphatic that "the freight is neither rockets nor weapons!"

This all seems a little strange.
Why would Colombia send whole missiles or even missile components to Israel, when Israel already receives all the missiles they need courtesy of the US taxpayer?
Such missiles could theoretically be used without a direct link back to Israel if they were used in some black op. Have to wait and see what the explanations will be.

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