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British Pentagon Hacker Bailed (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 11:34 AM
Yesterday the 'Worst Hacker Ever', Gary McKinnon,was bailed in London pending an extradition hearing on July 27th.
Mr McKinnon from north London (UK) , hacked into Pentagon, US Navy, NASA, USAF and US Army computers looking for evidence of a UFO coverup by the US Government. He is accused of stealing passwords, deleting accounts and gaining unauthorised access.
A British man arrested for allegedly carrying out the "biggest military computer hack of all time" has been released on bail by magistrates.

Gary McKinnon, accused of hacking into 53 US military and Nasa computers in 2001 and 2002, appeared before Bow Street magistrates in London.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Somehow I doubt the existence of any secret UFO files on internet connected US armed forces computers, but I'm incredibly surprised he managed to access so much sensitive information. This just proves it can be done. I would have expected everything sensitive to be on secure machines, not connected to an exterior network.
I think he may be able to broker a deal here - something along the lines of:
"Don't put me in prison - I'll come and work for the NSA"

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posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 12:03 PM
The line is crossed, I suppose, when accounts and data are destroyed and info is leaked... Beyond that point, I think the chances are pretty slim that he'll be recruited for employment.
That kind of irresponsible behaviour shows that the person cannot be trusted - no clearence, no deal.


posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 12:32 PM
I doubt that any1 would hire him because he has already demonstrated to have a great curiosity. He'd probably end up doing it again, only this time from the inside.

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