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Majic's Poetry

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posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 10:06 AM
Maybe I'm a poet, and I don't know it.

I can, when I feel like it, belt out iambic pentameter in noble verse, but frankly, that sort of stuff tends to bore me.

So when a poem comes to my mind, it is usually because there is something, shall we say, inorthogonal about it.

I don't write a lot of poetry. I'm more of a forum post writer (primarily) who is now trying my hand at fiction (my 130,000+ word “anime fan fiction/children's story”) and the occasional short story, which I may post to the Short Stories subforum.

I also write lyrics for my songs, some of which I consider poetic and may present as “poetry” in a different thread for your optional perusal. Some of the songs themselves can be found in the Majic After Dark thread on BTS.

Get On With It!

My first offering here is from a “vision” I had (in one of my many manic episodes) of a vortex. Lt. Worf might refer to it as a “localized distortion of the space-time continuum”, but my sensors didn't detect a tachyon flux, so make of it what you will.

As I wrote my mental picture of the vortex down, I noticed a shape appearing in the description. Finding it both aesthetically pleasing and apt, I cultivated the shape, yielding the product below.

The Vortex

So am I drawn toward the vortex
The swirling breath of timelessness
Thrusts from somethingness
Through nothingness
To otherness

It is the nexus
The confluence
The conjunction
The presence
The essence
Of absence

Singular infinity
Spirals of possibility
Radial wisps of eternity
The questing arms of destiny
So am I drawn toward the vortex


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