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A Short (unfinished) Story

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posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 09:37 AM
Hello, i just remembered i wrote this short story long ago, but i couldnt remeember where to go from here, so it's unfinished, but i thought i might post it and see how people liked it. And no, if you go in chat, thisisnt the story ive been talking about posting. If ppl. would like to, you may extend the story on this thread! See what we come up with! BTW, a Lycan is a werewolf for those who don't know...

The Lycan
Kregan woke up with a start, his neck aching from sleeping in an awkward position on his desk. He checked the time, 1:27 am, his lamp was flickering, it would go out soon. Kregan got up with a grunt and walked over to the light switch and puked it on the same time his lamp went out. Perfect timing, he told himself. Kregan looked about his room, it was a mess. There was a brown shabby door next to the light switch, and then bookshelves surrounding the perimeter of his room filled to the last quarter inch with a book of some kind. Then there were papers thrown about the floor, along with even more books. On the North east corner of his room was his desk and chair, the desk was small with papers thrown about it along with his favorite Anne Rice novel, Memnoch the Devil. It had 3 drawers on each side of it, and then 3 vertical drawers across the top. He had 2 windows exactly next to one another to the left of where he would sit in his desk. Kregan walked over and pulled up one of the blinds. There was a full moon, a bright one with that. Kregan stretched his arms out and put his hands inside his pants pockets. He looked at his bookshelves reading the names to himself, The Da Vinci Code, Rasputin, The Bourne Supremacy, Angels And Demons, and of course the Harry Potter novels. In front of the window was his couch, and sitting atop of it was a pillow, some sheets and a large blanket to make it more comfortable for Kregan to sleep in. Kregan was good looking and with a nice slim body and quick feminine like fingers. He loved his hands though, they were smaller and slimmer than other grown men’s hands, they were strong and yet beautiful at the same time. He had brown shabby hair that went down to his shoulders and beautiful green eyes. His jaw was perfectly figured and he had somewhat small lips and a nose with a slight bump on the way down, though even it was attractive. Kregan started to daydream; he was just 7 years old. His mother had beautiful auburn hair that went past her shoulders, and his father had very dark hair, possibly black, it went past his ears but no lower than his chin. He remembered his mother best of all though. His mother had just tucked him into bed; his father was away on some sort of business. He began trying to sleep when he heard a loud scream. He jumped up in his bed, he heard mother struggling, voices began making hearty laughter as they did who knows what to his mother. He heard more of the villains wrecking the place, he didn’t know what to do, so he ran and hid inside his closet. It grew calmer as the chaos moved farther away; he thought it was safe as he began to open his closet door. The boy crawled out into the dark, he got up and then he saw the man. The boy turned to run, but it was to late, the man was too fast. He felt an iron hard hand, with inhuman strength grip his shoulder and the next thing, blackness….
He woke up in a cage with hay on the ground. Footsteps started to come from the stairs, the metal door screeched open and a bowl of disgusting glop slid in along with a spoon. Kregan didn’t eat for days, so his captors came down and forced it down his throat. Kregan fought back with rage, but he was too weak. Kregan lost track of the time he had been there, the large man came down again holding something in his hand. It was long and metal with symbols at the end, words, the man stuck it into the fire, and lay it there for quite some time. Next the man came near the boy who was already to weak to struggle and chained him to the wall so that his chest was facing the man. He pulled out the now steaming hot metal object and came toward the boy with it, the boy began to struggle as he came closer then kicking and screaming the man put his hand over the boys mouth and pressed the hot metal object against his chest. He felt a searing pain burn all throughout his body. The boy screamed as loud as possibly could until the hot metal object was removed. He faded into blackness. When he awoke he was in the hospital on a white bed covered in bandages. Kregan opened his eyes and realized he was still standing in the doorway. He grabbed his fancy black raincoat and black top hat and reached for the door handle. He stepped out into his hallway and walked down the stairs past the sleeping deskman and opened up the outside door. Kregan stepped out into the cold dark night, the fog drifted about him, embracing his very soul. Kregan checked his digital underwater wristwatch again; it was 1:40am in London, England.

Kregan walked down the street being more alert do to the full moon. Policemen recorded more violent crimes during full moons due to an adrenaline increase in the body somehow caused by the moon. Kregan remembered dating a hospital nurse whom he first learned that from, he often picked her up from the hospital before dates.
“Why does the hospital have so many nurses tonight, I don’t even see but 2 people hurt in here?”
“The hospital is on full alert.” Said his girlfriend.
“Why? Is today the 13th?”said kregan.
“No, tonight is a full moon, more accidents seem to occur during nights of a full moon. Along with that, 75% of all human births take place within a few days(Be4 or after) of a full moon, if not on one. If you stay and wait you’ll see, this place will be stocked up.” Said the nurse as she grabbed her coat.
“Weird…” said kregan as he reached for the door.
Kregan walked by one of the dark alleyways and heard a small shriek. Kregan stood and listened for a moment. He heard it again longer and louder this time. Kregan ran down the Alley, he heard something again this time it was a scream. Kregan reached the end of the alley and took a sharp left. He saw a young woman running away from something, she disappeared behind a building. Then Kregan saw what she was running from with a small glimpse, it was a monstrous canine animal. It was on all fours though it ran as though possible for it stand up upon its two feet. It’s eyes gleamed yellow from the reflection of the night lamps, and as quick as it came it was gone again upon its chase. Kregan ran toward them both as fast as he could taking a sharp left in their direction. The monstrous dog jumped straight over a fence into a courtyard. Kregan followed and climbed over fast as he could. Losing his grip Kregan fell hard to ground hitting his head hard against something rock or concrete. The animal hearing his fall stopped in its tracks with a grunt and scanned the area. Kregan grabbed the back of his head in pain and turned to see what had so painfully broken his fall.
Gordon D. Bloamer
1840 – 1911
Kregan wasn’t in a courtyard; he was in a graveyard. He knelt and peered over the tombstone as to see where the beast now prowled. Suddenly he heard a low growl and the beast was standing in front of him. His eyes were not yellow from the lamp’s reflection but it was his true eye color. The beast glared at him for a split second as Kregan glared back fearless. The beast made his move, and Kregan quickly jumped aside as it pounced for him. Kregan ran off in the other direction, the girl had disappeared by then. Kregan darted inside of a large surfaced tomb, and silently waited within the pitch-black tomb. Kregan moved his hands about looking for a weapon, finally his hands grasped something metal, hard, and pointy. He grabbed it and thrust it before him as a weapon. The beast prowled about the tomb searching for the entrance, and alas he found it. Kregan jumped forward to attack, the beast jumped to the side and pounced upon him. Kregan felt his flesh sear with pain on his shoulder as the beast tore into him. Kregan began to go black yet again…
He was 7 again; he was back on the emergency bed within the hospital. There was a man there, kneeling at the foot of the bed, whispering. It was a stout looking man probably within his mid 40’s. He wore a priest’s robe, his head was bowed and he was praying with one hand on a bible, the other holding a crucifix.
“You are awake, my son.” Said the priest.
“Son? I am not your son?” The boy asked…
“You are God’s son my boy. My name is padre Alexis Victor. And what is your name young man?” questioned the priest.
“My name I, I do not know what my name is? How did I get here?” answered the boy.
“No one knows, I had stepped outside and I found you, laying mangled on the ground in front of the church. So I took you to the hospital as fast as I could. It seemed as they god sent you to me from the Heavens. Hm, a name now, well then we will have to think up of a new name for you. How is Kragan Urian Victor? Urian, in Greek, meaning from heaven.” said father Victor.
Kragan forgot all about his injuries and pains looking into the man’s sweet eyes.
“Okay, but isn’t Victor your last name?” said Kragan.
“Aw yes but you will be staying with me from now on Kragan” said Father Victor.
“Why? Where is mama and papa? Are they okay?”
Kragan later had learned that his mother had been and killed, and that his father when hearing that his wife was dead and son missing, after waiting 2 weeks for his son to show up figured him dead too. So because the man felt he had nothing left to live for jumped from a building and landed onto a metal fence instantly killing himself.
Kragan woke with a start

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