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The fruits of personal research into the 9/11 tragedy/travesty

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posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 11:05 AM

Originally posted by mdefab01

Here we had supposedly the biggest terrorist crime committed on US soil and the evidence is quickly whisked off to a third world country?


maybe it had to do with the whole systems' failure/corruption??
from the house-of-cards engineering experiment,
the Rockefeller legacy,
the Ports Authority,
Insurance, standards, codes, et al....

there was some entries made in the artice=expose' on that link you provided (see quote box , above)


The terrorists apparently predicted the whole scenario - -
the fuel fire, the slow weakening of the structure, the horrific collapse
of the building - - phenomena that the architects and the NY civil engineering approval committees never dreamed of.


indeed, the architects on the payroll, and the approval committees,
intent on seeing Mr Rockefeller's dream and NYC's blessing of a world-class
WTC landmark & financial hub....would do everything possible to facilitate the venture!!


EXCERPT cont'd;

Few officials or engineers have been surprised by this turn of events- - -
apparently everyone certified it for airplane collisions,
but almost no one was surprised when both collisions caused utter catastrophies in both towers.


In a hundred years of tall city buildings, this kind of collapse has never happened before. Never.
It was not predicted by any of the experts involved when the WTC towers were built.


Again, they were the contracted/ payrolled 'experts-engineers-architects' in-house group of like minded, corporate thinkers and professionals.

but there was at that time, around summer-fall 1969, another group of concerned people who saw the dream of Trade Towers & eventual WTC compound as a bad thing. Youse investigative-reporter types out there,
there was article/expose' about the faulty design and a house-of-cards
collapse of the, then unorthodox engineering....
the source might have been 'Village Voice" or "East Village Other" or maybe the 'Screw" a tabloid newsletter format at that past era.. or
it might have been 'mirrored-published' by the "Washington Free Press" a DC hippy newspaper, during that 'summer-of-love'
anyhow..i distinctly remember that really damaging report,,,and for the 32 years till the 2001 event, i warned relatives and friends...

btw, if that building design was so wonderful....why isn't the world of skyscrapers full of WTC copies in every nation & continent????????

because it was a disaster waiting to happen, thats why!

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