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The police are monitering the internet

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posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 06:27 PM
I think this is the right place to put it, anyway heres the long story:

Okay some of you may know that not only am I addicted to ATS but I am also addicted to Myspace. I cant put a link or anything cause that goes against ATS rules. Anyway I am from Port Washington and I am in the group Port Washington kids do it better. So there is a thread there that asks what would you like to see as a senior prank this year at Schreiber. Schreiber is the high school I go to. Its tradition that at the end of the year the seniors pull some sort of prank. Last year though things got out of hand. There were smoke bombs throw and some kids had an allergic reaction and went to the hospital. The police were there the rest of the day. Now if anything happens evan the slightest little prank the police will be called and the student/s who do this will be arrested. Anyway I posted on the thread what was supposed to be a joke "Hey how about a real fire no more of these crappy little smoke bombs". You see I posted that during a couple of weeks when some kids were throwing like smoke bombs and whaterver else that set off a fire alarm. Maybe not my best joke. I posted that like months ago. Yesturday I get called into the assistant principles office saying they got an anomouse tip that I was going to do something on senior prank day. I explain that I dont have anything planned and I couldnt think of where that would have come from. A little later I remembered the Myspace thing and told the assistant principle. He than admitted that the anonimous tip came from the POLICE. So now the police is monitering the internet. Then I went to see the principle and he told me not to evan talk about with my friends. NOT EVAN TALK ABOUT IT. You know what this is violating? Our FREEDOM OF SPEECH. You know who else monitered what people were doing and violated our freedom of speech? COMMUNISTS, FASCISTS, AND NAZIS. They all had secret police that would moniter what people were doing and throw ppl in jail if they heard something they didnt like. I thought in America you had to actually do a crime b4 they can convict you of anything. This is the same thing the secret police, kgb crap did. Befor this I wasnt a strong believe in the NWO, illuminati, reptilian whatever conspiracy. Now I do. I do believe in this post 9/11 fear campaign things that ppl have been posting about Bush. Hell maybe Bush evan did coordinate 9/11 so he could do stuff like this. Or maybe he's just a pawn for someone like Cheyne I dont know. I now do believe that America is slowly being taken over and turned into a totalitarian state. Watch soon we'll be having more and more freedoms being taken away from us. Slowly but surely. Just look at gun laws. Each day the government is trying to pass new laws restricting ppl from owning a gun. You know whats the first thing every dictator does when he takes over a country? He takes every gun that is owned by a citizen in that country so there is no one to oppose him. Dont you see? King George is taking over the country. Well now im starting to rant. anyway. This is what my parents fled from. A country that takes rights away from its citizens and has the police monitering everything we do. Big brother is watching people. America will soon become just like a communist or fascist country. If it already hasnt. I will not stand for this. I am going to protest this. I dont evan care if I get expelled. Hell if I get expelled then this will just prove I am right. You might see me on the news soon people.

posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 06:42 PM
The internet and netizens should also monitor the police and their performance.

posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 06:59 PM
First off i would advise breaking up your posts Croat56, its very hard to read a paragraph that fills my entire screen and has no breaks in it. Secondly someone checking up on a post on Myspace is hardly monitering the internet, its simply searching something up. Try Googling your name or your internet handles once, you will be amazed at how much public information there is out there ready to read

Employers regularly do such things on their employees to ensure they are hiring quality people so this is hardly anything sinister. Secondly I doubt the ploice sought you out in specific to moniter, someone who frequents myspace and your group probably sent in a tip to the police via the anonymous tip lines almost all departments have.

The fact that you made the fire comment on an open forum accessible to likeminded people technically can be considered a crime or more appropriately a conspiracy to commit a crime, which in and of itself can be an actual punishable offence, tho its often tied with charges relating to the act once its carried out, so as long as you dont go torching things it should all be ok. That being said you left yourself open to this mess by posting in an open and insecure medium. If your worried about things being read by law enforcement start using encrypted email and IM, otherwise you really have no leg to stand on as far as them "monitering" an open dialogue.

posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 08:21 PM
Well, first off, he told you not to talk about it. Of course you can, he's just saying it to help you. It'd be stupid to go around blabbing to people.

Secondly, it's perfectly legal for police to read through the internet. Both as people but also as agents; they'd be lax if they didn't.

Thirdly, nobody convicted you of a crime. You suggested in a public place that it would be a good idea to make a fire in school. Not seriously, but you said it. And so when the time came around, people were obviously curious. The principle was just looking into all matters at hand, and taking extra care.

Fourth, stop calling people who are doing their job, breaking no laws, and doing nothing wrong fascists, communists, and nazis. Nothing wrong with being communist, but as for fascist and nazi your principle and the police don't hold a candle to anything they did.

Fifth, this isn't new. For cryin' out loud, the military invented the internet. Police and FEDs have been everywhere on the internet since it began for obvious reasons.

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