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End of the World Next Year?

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posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 04:04 PM
this post lifted from syrinx high priest:

too bad the number is actualy 616

...many other sources, as well.

(I guess we'll have to reschedule this end of the world thing, after all.)

posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 04:40 PM
What most people seem to realize is that 666 is not suppossed to be a "date" it is suppossed to be the number of a man. That is what they Revelations of the Bible say and that is where 666 originated from. It actully says six hundred and sixty six or as some now recently think it is 616 (but do we know this is a fact for sure or people trying to fool us into thinking it is not 666 - how can we know for sure?).
One possible way a "date" could have meaning is if the man (the beast) is born on a 666 date or a man (the beast) does something of some kind of meaning on a 666 date...

posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 11:22 PM
I'm gonna go ahead and take number six off my list as I believe we can all agree that MauiStacey should be in charge of gift baskets!

And are we going with Apo'coffee? I liked that one.

Looks like everything is falling into place.


posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 11:24 AM

Originally posted by 2Super7E123
When the time comes, the time comes. The End could be tomorrow or the beginning could be right now. Which path do you choose, the path of the ending or the path of 'many' paths? Even if the End of Days is lies right here within our timeframe (did someone mention 2012) than what can we really do to prevent it. Nothing. We can live our lives like we normally do or walk a utmost spiritual life searching for the questions that will give us the answers. Its not about what will happen, but what is happening. All I know is that if it is supposed to be the end of the world [again] any time soon, it won't be the first time. Either way, I know I'm ready, are you?

Excellent post!
I couldn't have said it better

posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 06:17 AM
I believe it will happen, but I also believe that it will be the end of the world as we know it, not the end altogether. My faith tells me that our spirits are immortal, so even if it was the end, we shall live again!

To that guy who said who care bout jesus or whatever, dont try and destroy others faith just because yours may be weak.

What ill say is to open your hearts and minds, dont be paranoid, dont fear anything. The cure to fear is trust, and if trust in God then He'll save you.
The days are coming and we need to love each other and have hope in Jesus. If you dissagree then you need to grow up.
God Bless

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