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Mega Computer Hard Drives

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posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 11:46 PM
Hey check out this beast!

22 hard drives in one case.

Does any one know who's system this is?

Wounder how many gigs are in that thing.

posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 11:51 PM
Looks like a jurry rigged server with a modular PSU. Man I do not envy the guy that made that thing, it mustve taken forever to fit all those wires in their yeesh. For all we know they could a bunch of 500 MB chained together just so he can play half-life or something
I keeeed I keeeed, its very impressive. He could prolly use it to heat his house too

posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 01:16 AM
Well i don't know if that one would heat a house, But i do have a server that makes a great space heater!!

It's an HP NetServer LxPro
12 Scsi ultra F/W hard drives, there only 10 gig drives, but there fast
HpRaid Controler, 3 channel, suports 48 devices
4 Pen Pro 200Mzh with 512k of cash on each
1 gig of ECC ram
3 480 watt PSU's 1440 watts total (that thing is hungery) it's either 15 or 20 amps.
2 Nic's
8 PCI Connectors
6 ISA connectors
2 On board SCSI channel's for 32 more devices
Windows 2000 server

Only supports 120 gigs ATM, But i found new firmware for it so it can support up to 1 terabyte per channel.

Does a good job at SETI @ home but SETI allways gives me huge files to work with.

Can't run it too much, made the electirc bill go up by allmost 75 bucks in 1 month.

All in all it's a kick A$$ server.


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