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Need more info on this

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posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 10:49 AM
Been a while since i last posted but....
At about 11pm Melbourne (aus) time looking east i saw a light which i thought was a plane (as you do) i watched it for about 5mins before it changed direction in a real hurry.....i then called my brother, who lives about 200Kms southwest of me, to see if he could see it too. At first he couldn't and i lost sight of it, then about 15mins later it reappeared and started moving south. At this point it became visable to my brother. I ran inside to grab the trusty binocs to get a better look at the thing.
With the naked eye it seemed to pulse red but through the binocs it turned out to be orange, but it wasn't only one light, but three, all pulsing in unison. If anyone around the Victorian-South Australian border saw anything please let me know......Or if anyone has theories (i'm going to regret asking that

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