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Iraq War tanks US All-Volunteer Force

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posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 07:19 PM

Originally posted by deltaboy

Originally posted by Passer By
Or, you guys could just stop killing people... Maybe that would be a nice start to others trying to kill you huh?

BTW - your entire post seems to be just fear mongering. What are you so afraid of? Can't fight?

wish we could stop killing, but since these Muslims view us as infidels and they say Allah told them to wipe out the non-muslims and only Islam rules the world, u cant do that, that be like a black person trying to persuade the KKK members to stop hating.

Well, at one point in time most of the free world hated blacks, that all changed and not once with the point of the gun. It changed because people we no longer allowed behind racial sterotypes that only serve to divide humanity.

Muslims don't hate you - heck most don't care about you one way or another they care about raising their children, feeding and clothing them. Educating them. Essentially the same things you and I do. The few extermists there are out there, would have no ammunation if America would leave the middle east, where I think we can agree America doesn't belong. That would disarm all existing terrorists, stop all new terrorists and let the people in the area decide for the area.

posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 12:06 PM

Originally posted by Passer By
Very nice post.

I will respond more fully later, but let me ask you this for now; How much of what you see, drug dealers, prostitutes, bad people, are merely the effects of a similar(maybe identical?) cause. Now if that cause is really brought on by the bully - then has there really been any saving?


I think the root cause of most conflict in the world is theft.

Here's how I see it:

People usually become dictators so they can steal from their fellow man. When you impoverish your citizens you have to create a scapegoat to keep yourself in power so you fuel hatred against some group preferably a foreigner.

Corruption comes into good governments as those in the civil service extort the population. This can take the case of outright bribes or as civil service unions that legally extort the population as they control politicians. As they economically ruin the system they cause internal conflict or people focus on a phantom outside force.

Rich corporate managers rape their own companies for personal benefit. When things collapse they blame the government or foreigners if they aren't jailed.

Some nations want to steal from other nations and nakedly invade them or control them as a puppet in a colonialial relationship.

Those who havenot prefer to steal from those who have then earn their way up. They can either do this through criminality or do this through legal measures in a democracy usually referred to as welfare or government provided services.

All of the world's problems therefor can be traced for the most part to someone trying to steal from someone else. Poverty, national debt, financial collapse, external war are all related to theft or attempts to curb theft.

A nation like America in my opinion is motivated by both theft and the curbing of theft. We are a financial disaster waiting to happen as a result of legal theft that includes multi-generational theft making our current governmental system unable to sustain long term. The only way to sustain this system is to ensure America is the primary power and the dollar is the worlds reserve currency. In order to keep this in practice we need to stabilize the world economically. Iraq, Iran, and militant Islam in general is financially destabilizing to us. The world wouldn't be unstable however if Iraq, Iran, and militant Islam didn't want to steal from their neighbors and their own people.

If people would be honest to each other and earn an honest days pay for an honest days work and ignore how their neighbor is doing, things would be fine but that is not man's nature. Those who want what their neighbor has will try to steal it and those who have it will try to defend it. Armed conflict therefor will be with us forever because I see no end to man's desire for theft.

In human history full time soldiers were only hired once there was a grain surplus. Those soldiers were only needed because someone else had a grain surplus and hired soldiers. One or both of you paid for soldiers to steal someone elses grain or to defend your own grain. This is the way of the world. Technology changes but man hasn't.

We can argue about who is the one stealing or defending the grain. Often I see a world where both parties are defending one mans grain so they can steal anothers.

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