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ABOUT ATS: General ATS discussion etiquette

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posted on Aug, 9 2003 @ 12:06 AM
General Hints and Tips

Be nice. We're all here to better understand the various obvious and hidden influences on our often stressful world. Some members will have been researching these topics longer than others. Calling such beginning members "n-0-0-b", "n-e-w-b-i-e", or other derogatory names just because they're beginning their journey to enlightenment is generally frowned upon. (I'm so much against this vile practice I've applied a censor for the words, n-0-0-b = n00b)

Don't copy and paste entire pieces of content from other websites. In many cases, if that content comes from a news source, such activity is copyright infringement. In addition, it makes no sense to duplicate something here that exists elsewhere. If you see something that should be discussed here, just past the first one or two paragraphs, then the link. We may deleted these posts without warning, and if you are found to repeatedly engage in this activity, your account could be suspended, or penalized.

This is a written communication medium, so it makes sense to format your posts for easy reading for everyone. Here are some general guidelines:

1) Be polite. Above all, we take pride in the fact that is renowned as a destination for civil and polite discussion of nearly anything. Treat your fellow ATS members with respect, and your time here will be rewarding.

2) Don't create your entire post as one paragraph, break things up into separate thoughts.

3) Use the bold function sparingly. Use it to highlight important thoughts and not entire posts.

4) Try and spell-check and get your gramma/syntax correct. Very often, your credibility will be judged by how well you present your thoughts as a well-written post.

5) Most of all, do not use ALL CAPS in posts and thread titles.

When responding to posts with the QUOTE button, please edit the quoted portion to the minimum amount needed to reference the post. This is plain forum etiquette as it helps to create a thread flow that is easier to read and follow.

Use this thread to post your comments about this information:

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