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What is freedom to you?,how free do you think you are?,what is freedom,really?.

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posted on Aug, 9 2003 @ 04:19 PM
i don't even think im free. Im from the UK and we don't even have are rights written down so at anytime they can be taken away. MI5 want to monitor all of the UK e-mails and all the rumors that MI5 monitor phone calls. So in other words, i have no freedom

posted on Aug, 9 2003 @ 04:30 PM
The US and what it represents are considered to be a cancer on the face of this planet,the US government as it is today will be responsible for the undoing of this country unless we all wake up really soon.
In a decades time it will be the same in the US as it is in the UK,unless we wake up and realise that we are the example to live by,by being free.
It may already be too late though.

posted on Aug, 9 2003 @ 05:43 PM
No government wants real freedom. Authority is based on limiting always has been. The only freedom you can currently count on is inside your head.

[Edited on 9-8-2003 by Voice_of Doom]

posted on Aug, 10 2003 @ 12:06 AM
Voice_of_doom if you think Freedom is doing whatever the hell you want, you can just kill yourself now, and spare yourself the pain of watching your "Glorious freedom" turn into Anarchy.

Freedom is a delicate amount of both Morals, dignity, respect, and tollerance. Too much Tollerance and you get the "Hell that is Liberalism"...too much morals will restrict other people's beliefs in a diverse society such as ours. There can never be too much honor respect and dignity and all those things.

But those things are for the individual's interactions with other individuals and only effect society in a more general way.

That is the best summed up freedom.

posted on Aug, 10 2003 @ 12:10 AM
And for all those like Unbalanced who thinks "Today's government will be the undoing of the nation".

2 things.

1) What is today's "Government" is it the Federal Executive, Federal Legislative, Federal Judicial? Is it the State Executives or Legislatives or Judicial? Is it the County governments? City governments?

Which government.

2) If you could change the government so it was better...what would you change it to? Frankly I don't think you have a clue, because you don't even know what the hell the current government is...let alone how to make one.

posted on Aug, 10 2003 @ 12:35 AM
FM....perhaps the use of the general term of "government" was because its all pretty much in need of an overhaul? Honestly, can you tell me any part of the US government that you think is fine the way it is? (maybe youre not the right person to be asking ) Anyways, you can see my point...rather than jumping on someone for not being specific and assuming they are ignorant, why dont your try CIVILY asking them to be more specific? Its much more beneficial to intelligent conversation.
Isnt that what we are after here? Denying ignorance? lol

posted on Aug, 10 2003 @ 09:07 AM
As far as which portion of the US government needs to be overhauled,you must find the butt of the majority of the improper functioning of that government,the problems are dispersed all through the US government,and most individuals don't really understand what makes it go anyway.On that note FreeMason,being named as you have named yourself,enlighten me if you think you can.
Or are you just one of sarcastic people who figures if you don't know what to do,no-one else possibly could?.

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